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Oven Buying Guide: Oven Types

What to buy?

Single Vs Double

Whether you go for a single or double oven depends on what you want from your cooking appliance. All single ovens can be installed at a built-in ‘eye level’ or at under counter height, depending on how you use your kitchen.

There are double oven models designed especially for either built-in or under counter installation to meet your requirements.

Single oven vs double ovens
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Room for more?

Next, you need to decide how much cooking room you are going to need? Do you regularly cook for 6 or more people or do you prepare 2-3 courses for dinners at home with the family? If the answer is yes, then a double oven could be the perfect model for you.

From the built-under DC740 or DK751 to the slightly larger built-in versions DC940 & DK951, right up to the double tower DK1151 with two full-size single oven cavities, you can select the exact partner to your cooking style.


Oven Styles

Style is really important when planning your new kitchen design. Ovens are normally a focal point in the layout, so you have to be sure that it will complement the look that you are going for. Choose between touch controls, for a seamless all-glass finish, or select one of the models with ergonomic controls for a more practical look.

You can even decide on the level of tint in the oven glass. Our DC740 & DC940 double ovens have slightly tinted glass that allows straightforward internal cavity viewing, whereas the DK751, DK951 and the DK1151 have a special dark-black glass. This glass allows clear vision of the internal cavity when the oven is switched on but is dark-black when switched off. The benefit of this is a completely opaque, seamless look to the cooking area when not in use. Stainless steel strips on our oven range can pick out other details in your kitchen, like the extractor, other built-in appliances, refrigeration or even your tap; this pulls the whole design together.

If you are going for something different, take a look at the oven models we offer in white or true black to free up your creative flair and unique style.

Single oven vs double ovens

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