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Gas Range Cookers

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RC9322SS 90cm twin cavity range cooker, gas ovens, gas hob

The RC9322SS is a twin cavity gas range cooker, which has two gas ovens and a gas hob. This oven also features a rotisserie, minute minder, cooling fan, and anti tilt shelves for ease of use without compromising on style and capability.

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Our all-gas range cooker is professional in style and performance. The stainless steel exterior would not look out of place in a restaurant kitchen, and it has cooking capabilities to match. It features 6 burners that provide ample hob cooking space as well as two gas ovens for preparing food efficiently and multiple courses simultaneously.

Gas cooking is a traditional style and creates a cavity temperature that is hotter at the top than at the bottom, meaning that you can have several dishes cooking together at hot, medium and low temperatures.

Extra details like the minute minder and storage drawer provide the home comforts that you would not get in a professional kitchen, makes the RC9322SS perfect for any family home.