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Range Cookers: Different fuel types

Whatever your cooking style, we have a range cooker designed to suit you. Whether that is all gas, all electric or a combination of both you can choose what works in your home.

Our all gas range cooker offers traditional cooking style with gradients of heat within the oven cavity. Many customers prefer this as they can cook several dishes, which require various temperatures, simultaneously.

The dual fuel models in our range offer the best of both with stylish cast iron supports and temperature controlled electric ovens, combining the top features from both fuel types.

No gas? No problem!

The all electric models offer controllable cooking temperatures as well as duel zone hob areas to suit every size and shape of pan. If you really love cooking on gas, but don’t have a mains supply to your house, you can simply convert your cooker to an LPG gas supply using the conversion kits included with our gas and dual fuel models.

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