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Range Cookers: Choosing the right size

Once you have decided on the fuel type and cooking style you prefer, now pick a size! The CDA range of range cookers come in sizes that are designed for every kitchen. From the enormous RV1200 at 120cm wide to the bijou RV701 at just 70cm there is a model size to fit your design without compromising on cooking performance or a ‘heart of the home’ feel.

There is no getting away from it, range cookers are big. If you are looking for everything to be integrated and tucked away in your kitchen, a range cooker may not be for you. If you currently have a built-in single oven, imagine a range cooker taking up that space plus a full cupboard width. Whilst you are not going to have that extra cupboard space, you will have an all-in-one cooking station that really makes a statement in your kitchen design.

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