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CDA Buying Advice – Refrigeration Features

Fuzzy Logic

This means that sensors exist on the outside of the appliance to determine the temperature of your home. The fridge or freezer then adjusts its internal temperature accordingly to maximise efficiency.

4 Star freezers

All CDA freezers come with a 4 star rating, the highest classification in Europe. A 4 star rating allows you to store frozen food for up to 12 months and cool fresh food efficiently and safely.

Fast freeze

Bypassing the normal temperature controls, a fast freeze function allows you to quickly bring food down to a safe temperature for longer term storage; ideal for fresh foodstuffs.


A refrigerant is the gas used to cool a refrigerator or freezer. CDA products use something called R600a, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Rest assured that it does not damage the environment and has very little contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Frost free

During the refrigeration process, ice can form on the evaporator coils making them less efficient. This is when defrosting is required to maintain the smooth running of your appliance. A frost free model has a heater that will melt the ice, at specific intervals, maintaining efficiency; defrosting is not required.

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