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CDA Buying Advice – Refrigeration Tips

Here are some great tips for looking after your refrigeration appliance from CDA. From cleaning to preserving energy!

Cleaning your fridge or freezer is easy, we recommend that a solution of bicarbonate of soda and warm water should be used to clean the interior, shelves and seal; bicarbonate of soda will also remove any odours left behind by food.

Do not overfill your appliance. Doing so will reduce the capability of cool air to move amongst the food and reduce its efficiency.

Thawing frozen food in the fridge compartment will help to keep the temperature low and save energy.

All our fridges are self-defrosting, keep the water drain hole at the back of the appliance clear to allow defrosted water to run away.

Rotating the food in your fridge, so that the first to pass its best is at the front, will reduce the amount wasted. Stock rotation will save you money on both replacing your food and on your energy bill, as you can access food quickly without leaving the door open for extended periods of time.

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