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CDA Buying Advice – Sink Cleanliness

CDA’s KG80 sink is the only product on the market with Ariapura technology. The composition of this sink includes titanium dioxide nanoparticles which actively purify the air in your kitchen. Using natural light, in the same way as plants, it transforms organic and inorganic pollutants into harmless mineral salts. Not only does this phenomenon decontaminate, it also provides antibacterial protection – something that is becoming increasingly important as we are more aware of food hygiene.

Here are our Top Tips on keeping your kitchen sink clean:

  1. If it smells, chuck it away!
    Washing up sponges can harbour all kinds of kitchen nasties. Rinse it well with hot water after use, use an anti-bacterial liquid to kill germs and be sure to change it regularly-especially if it smells less than fresh!
  2. Don’t push it down the plug hole!
    Unless you have a waste disposer fitted, do not push food debris down the plug hole. It will decompose, promote bacteria growth and even block up your sink completely. Clear out the strainer waste after use to keep plug holes clear and drains clean.
  3. Tea towels…bleurgh!
    Just like your washing up sponge, your tea towel is a damp and dirty place that is perfect for bacteria to live and grow. Stick to these simple rules to keep it clean: change and wash regularly, keep plate drying and hand drying towels separate & hang it up after use.
  4. Keep that drain clear!
    Mix baking soda with salt and a little cream of tartar. Pour the mixture down your drain and follow with a pint of boiling water to keep your drains clog and odour free.
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