A Clean Start

Style at Home magazine’s Eco tips on laundry are full of bright ideas to get your whites gleaming. We added a few of our own hints and tips to help you get the best results from your CDA laundry appliance.

Laundry tips:

  • To protect the colours in bright garments, turn them inside out before washing and use the coolest temperature setting that will get them clean.
  • Distilled vinegar works brilliantly as a fabric softener, brightens whites and colours and boosts the power of your detergent. Add ½ a cup to the detergent drawer to reap all of these benefits.
  • If you leave clothes in the dryer too long, you may be left with dried and ‘set’ creases in your clothes. Add a damp towel to the dryer and run a short dry cycle to help remove the creases.
Read the full article at Style st Home here: http://stylat.hm/11OSiKO