CDA wine cooler rated Best Buy

We’ve turned into a nation of wine drinkers.  According to the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, 81% of UK adults who drink alcohol choose wine. White is our preferred tipple with Rosé and sparklers such as Champagne, Prosecco and Crémant following in the rankings. All these wines have one thing in common – they need to be served cold to taste their best.  It can be a struggle fitting two or more bottles into the average fridge – but buy a wine cooler and you can keep anything from 6 to 90 plus bottles at the perfect serving temperature, protected from heat, sunlight and vibration.


Wine coolers are no longer the exclusive preserve of the wine buff but are appearing in an increasing number of UK kitchens and dining rooms. CDA offers a comprehensive range with single and dual temperature coolers that will store your collection perfectly. But which wine cooler should you choose? The CDA FWC304SS, according to Which?, is a great choice after doing very well in their rigorous test programme.

As the UK market leader in wine coolers CDA is delighted with what was said about the test results “This outstanding CDA wine cooler didn’t do badly in any of our tests.”

The test looked at all aspects of performance including temperature stability, humidity level, energy use and ease of operation. “This wine cooler does a brilliant job of getting the bottles inside down to the set temperature” the report said.

The FWC304SS holds 20 bottles on professional style slide-out wooden shelves. The temperature is adjustable and the UV glass door protects wine from the effects of light.

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“Receiving this recognition is good news for both our retailers and consumers” said Consumer Marketing Manager Carrie Bell ‘as the UK market leader in wine coolers we work very hard to ensure our products are the best they can be.”