CDA’s new A+ energy rated refrigeration

Our new range of refrigeration products have been thoughtfully designed to cater for your lifestyle. Now with an A+ energy rating, the CDA cooling range is kinder to the environment and to your utility expenditure. All of the products in the range have great features to offer, from the 4 star rated ice boxes in our compact models like the FW250, right up to the wine racks and ice and water dispensers in the American style models; the PC66 and PC86.
Arguably, the most important part of your kitchen is your food storage; that’s why we’ve put technology at the forefront of our products. Thoughtful features like the open door alarm on the PC66, PC86 and the FW951 work hard in a busy lifestyle to help minimise energy waste and maximise the efficiency of your appliance. The electronic control on models like the frost free FW951 is user friendly and puts the safe storage of your food at your fingertips. The modern home requires convenience and innovation and so we’ve coupled this with CDA style and our trusted quality testing to offer products that will work hard for you and fit into your lifestyle. We are so confident that we offer a 5 year labour, 2 year parts guarantee on all CDA appliances.

Feature products

If you’re feeding a family, food quality and safe, capacious storage is always important. Whichever style you are looking for, we have something that fits the bill. Our American style refrigeration is cleverly designed to make maximum use of available space and offer features like the chilled water dispenser and automatic ice dispenser on the PC66 or the humidity regulated fruit and vegetable compartments, for longevity of perishable goods, on the PC66 and PC86. The PC66 is available in black and stainless colour variants, has enormous aesthetic appeal and Fuzzy logic meaning that it works hard to look and function beautifully in your kitchen. Space is precious in the modern home, so we offer a fabulous range of compact refrigeration products from the FW223 to the three-quarter height FW552; complete with a 4 star rated ice box. Combination fridge freezers are probably the most popular way to maximise storage space in the kitchen. The CDA cooling range comprises a choice of 50/50 fridge and freezer, in the FW851 or frost free in the FW951, or 70/30 in the FW871 when refrigeration is a preference but freezer capability is still required. If maximum capacity is important take a look at the PC66, our American style double door fridge freezer with its brilliant freezer drawers, or our FW821 and FW881 full height integrated fridge and freezer which both work impressively side by side.


Fuzzy Logic: The American style, fridge freezer model PC66 has Fuzzy logic. This means that sensors exist on the outside of the appliance to determine the temperature of your home. The PC66 then adjusts its internal temperature accordingly to maximise efficiency. 4 Star freezers: All CDA freezers come with a 4 star rating, the highest classification in Europe. A 4 star rating allows you to store frozen food for up to 12 months and cool fresh food efficiently and safely. Fast freeze: Bypassing the normal temperature controls, a fast freeze function allows you to quickly bring food down to a safe temperature for longer term storage; ideal for fresh foodstuffs. Refrigerant: A refrigerant is the gas used to cool a refrigerator or freezer. CDA products use something called R600a, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Rest assured that it does not damage the environment and has very little contribution to the greenhouse effect. Frost free: During the refrigeration process, ice can form on the evaporator coils making them less efficient. This is when defrosting is required to maintain the smooth running of your appliance. A frost free model, like the PC66, PC86 or the FW951 has a heater that will melt the ice, at specific intervals, maintaining efficiency; defrosting is not required.


Cleaning your fridge or freezer is easy, we recommend that a solution of bicarbonate of soda and warm water should be used to clean the interior, shelves and seal; bicarbonate of soda will also remove any odours left behind by food. Do not overfill your appliance. Doing so will reduce the capability of cool air to move amongst the food and reduce its efficiency. Thawing frozen food in the fridge compartment will help to keep the temperature low and save energy. All our fridges are self defrosting, keep the water drain hole at the back of the appliance clear to allow defrosted water to run away. We have lots of helpful hints, tips and troubleshooting answers on our website and in our appliance manuals but if you get stuck our customer care team are always here to help! All CDA products come with a 5 year parts, 2 year labour guarantee for peace of mind. To find your nearest retailer, click here.