EVX100SS Product Focus

EVX100SS Product Focus

Extractor EVX100 There are many beautiful extractors in the CDA collection, from the sharp lines of the EVG6 to the ingenious downdrafts 3D9 & EDD9. The new EVX100 is a ceiling extractor that makes the most of your kitchen space. By being installed in the ceiling, you are left with free space above your hob and discreet, yet powerful extraction above. It is available for ducting or recirculating installation with many additional features, including: filter saturation warning indicator, clean air function, metal grease filters, 4 halogen lights for clear illumination and a boost function for when extra extraction is required.

Remote control

Remote Control Icon Remote Control

A remote control is included for complete, sensitive adjustment of settings and lights. Our 3L9 lantern extractor and 3C9 designer curved extractor also include a remote control enabling you to operate the extractor from anywhere in the room.

Soft touch buttons

Touch Iconfeatures The EVX100 features soft touch buttons as an aesthetic quality, also included on our EVC4 & EVCK4 cylinder extractor models. This meticulous attention to detail means you can be assured that a CDA product has been designed with every aspect in mind.

Filter saturation warning

This extractor comes with a filter saturation warning to let you know when the filters require attention. The display will indicate EF for a charcoal filter replacement and FF to signify that the metal grease filters need to be cleaned. The dishwashable grease filters are easily maintained, keeping your extractor running at its best and your kitchen clean and fresh.

Clean air function

A special clean air function on this extractor, once selected, will work to maintain the quality of air in your kitchen. It activates the motor at a speed that allows extraction of 100m3/hr for 10 minutes every hour. Other CDA extractors that feature the clean air function are: 3C9, 3L9, EVC4, EVCK4, EVG6, EVG9, EVM9, the EVP linear range and our EVQ7.


Three different extraction settings allow you to select the appropriate level for the type of cooking. An additional intensive, or boost, setting will quickly remove any strong odours, steam or grease from the atmosphere in your kitchen before returning to a level of constant extraction.


The EVX100SS’s 30 minute timer will work after you have finished cooking to remove grease, steam and cooking smells and residue from the air, leaving you to relax and enjoy a cleaner home.

Halogen lights

Four impressive halogen lights provide clear illumination over your cooking space. An additional dimmed light setting means that this extractor not only performs exceptionally but provides a design feature that adds to the ambience of your home as well. All CDA products come with a 5 year parts, 2 year labour guarantee for peace of mind. For more information on these products, including technical specification and product dimensions, click here To find your nearest retailer, click here.