Laundry Product Focus

Laundry Product Focus


Laundry products play an important role in the home. Working hard to make your life easier is the purpose behind the technology inside these products. CDA have introduced three new appliances, packed with intelligent features. They are aimed at providing you with a choice between freestanding and integrated washing and drying facilities that will make light work of your laundry chores.

Saving energy

Fully integrated three level dishwasher9kgA+++ With an A+++ energy rating, the CI260 is at the top of its game when it comes to saving you money and considering the environment. The smart Ecologic feature of this machine means that when you wash a half load, your machine only uses 50% of the energy used during a normal cycle. Our high capacity freestanding washing machine, the CI260, comes with a 9kg load capacity reducing the amount of wash loads you will have to get through from week to week. It also comes with a Duvet Wash function for cleaning those extra-large items without having to take them to a specialist. Both the CI560, our new freestanding condenser dryer, and our CI921, integrated sensor dryer, have an impressive 7kg load capacity, allowing you to get through the washing when line drying is not practical. The CI560 also comes with a wide, accessible door for easy loading.

Wash and dry load capacity

Fully integrated three level dishwasher

Condenser or vented

The CI560 condenser dryer comes complete with a drain kit that removes the need to empty a reservoir after drying. The convenience of this model is that it can be fitted anywhere in the home, without the requirement to vent outside. Alternatively, the CI921 integrated and vented model will fit discreetly into your home, being modest in its installation and beneficial to your lifestyle.

Feaures and functions

Fully integrated three level dishwasher These products are packed with useful features and functions. The CI921, integrated tumble dryer, comes with reversible drum action, 3 heat settings, 8 programmes and an airing programme for complete and functional drying capability. The high capacity freestanding washing machine, CI260, offers Twin Jet water injection. This provides a better washing performance by directly injecting water with detergent using a recirculation system. Other features on this washing machine include: 1200rpm spin speed, 15 programmes with variable wash temperature and spin speed, Quick/Wool/Easy Iron and Delicates wash functions, LED display and anti-flooding safety. Our freestanding condenser dryer, CI560, offers 3 heat settings, 9 programmes, variable drying duration, an LED display and an anti-crease function to care for your clothes whilst making the ironing a breeze.

Delay start

Both the CI260 and the CI560 come with a Delay Start Function which allows you to make use of off-peak electricity tariffs and set the washing to wash or dry at a time convenient for you.


The integrated tumble dryer, CI921, is not only packed with convenient features that improve drying results, it is also an intelligent machine that adjusts its settings to suit the dry load. It comes with an integral sensor that automatically adjusts the drying time according to the moisture content of the load, reducing energy usage. All CDA products come with a 5 year parts, 2 year labour guarantee for peace of mind. For more information on these products, including technical specification and product dimensions, click here To find your nearest retailer, click here.