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CDA Buying Advice – Microwave Installation Guide

Are built-in microwaves standard size?

No, built in microwaves are not a standard size, CDA offers a range of built-in appliances to cater for your every need, including built-in and wall unit microwaves. Our built-in microwaves differ in size but only very slightly, unlike our freestanding models which do come as a standard size. 

How do built-in microwaves vent?

All CDA built-in microwaves vent from either the rear or the top of the microwave. This is why we suggest a certain gap between the cabinet and the appliance to allow for sufficient ventilation. 

Are built-in microwaves hardwired?

This is a common question that many people ask when installing a built-in microwave, the simple answer is yes they can be hardwired into the electrics. But we do recommend that this is done by a qualified electrician to carries out the installation safely and properly. 

Can a freestanding microwave be built in?

We recommend that you don’t because the microwave will not have sufficient ventilation to operate effectively. 

Can a microwave be installed above a hob?

You are able to install a microwave above a hob, providing you follow the height requirements that you will find in your product manual. However we do not recommend that you install your microwave above your hob for safety reasons.

Can you put a microwave on a metal shelf?

Yes, the answer is simple, you can put a microwave on a metal shelf. Just ensure that it is fixed securely in place to avoid any accidents.

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