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CDA Careers

Here at CDA we invest in our staff. We understand that to be the best brand we can possibly be, we need the best people on board.

With an onsite gym, healthcare and pension benefits there are excellent rewards to working as part of our team. We also regularly offer relevant training and development support to help each individual reach their full potential.


Our strength is the meticulous attention to detail, each move planned to perfection. Can you help?

External Sales

The Sales team are our external link to both retail customers and our consumers. Based all around the UK, each Sales Manager builds strong relationships with our retailers to provide the best possible service, from proposing the ideal range of appliances for their customers to communicating promotions and ensuring each retailer receives the best possible customer service.

Dynamic and resourceful, our sales team are always proposing new and innovative ideas to support our customers. Initiative is welcomed as we strive to become the brand of choice by having our ‘finger on the pulse’ of the appliance marketplace.

Supply Chain

Having sufficient stocks of all of our products to ensure maximum product availability is at the core of the supply chain operations.

Working with our internal colleagues particularly in Sales, Product and Warehouse and our external partners at our factories and in our supporting shipping operations we transform what starts out as a sales forecasts into stock to sell within our warehouses.

Our activities include forecast management, demand planning, supplier management, stock control, and shipping management. Supported by our IT team we are constantly striving to develop and implement new and improved system to deliver our key objectives.


The Product Development team are always searching for innovative new products. We watch the market and travel across the globe looking for new ideas. We talk to our customers regularly to understand exactly what they want. We love it when we are first to market with unique products like the beer dispenser and grill drawer!

Together with our research and development colleagues in our on-site laboratory, we constantly hunt for new technology as well as new manufacturing methods and materials so that we can continually improve our products, including finding ways for our products to be more energy efficient so they are cheaper to run, or quieter so that they are not intrusive in the kitchen, or faster so that they get the job done quicker.

In essence, we want our products to be the best in class and to delight our customers and we won’t be compromised in that mission.


At the heart of the CDA brand and at the forefront of CDA’s consumer research, marketing helps to drive CDA competitive advantages and unique selling points both digitally and through traditional marketing processes.

The marketing department delivers first class projects to the business from the company brochure to a professionally presented exhibition stand at a consumer show. With a helping hand in every part of the business, whether working with IT on web based strategies to helping sales with proactive promotional campaigns and that is just a taster…


The CDA IT Department innovates, develops, manages and maintains across the entire spectrum of IT and telecoms here at CDA, from desktops to servers, network, phones and phone lines, smart devices, remote and internal users, software and applications, email, data and report distribution, databases, security, compliance, etc.

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