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CDA Careers

Here at CDA we invest in our staff. We understand that to be the best brand we can possibly be, we need the best people on board.

With an onsite gym, healthcare and pension benefits there are excellent rewards to working as part of our team. We also regularly offer relevant training and development support to help each individual reach their full potential.

Steve Boswell – Supply Chain Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do at CDA and how long you have worked at CDA.

I have been at CDA for over 13 years and have worked Procurement, Product Development and I am now our Supply Chain Manager. The business has grown and changed but still retains its core values. Originally from the North West I live in Nottingham with all its attractions. When not on duty at CDA I enjoy a wide range of interests in sport (rugby league, football, horseracing), music (my music taste has been described as ‘eclectic’ but current favourites are Weather Station, Wye Oak and The Decemberists), social & family history (I have no kings, lords or millionaires in my tree) and I try a get to the gym at least once a week.

Why did you choose CDA?

Ian Kershaw (the Managing Director) approached me with an opportunity. CDA appealed to me at the time as a dynamic fast growing business where as an individual you could make your mark. It still is fortunately!

What are the best things about working at CDA?

The autonomy to create and deliver your own plans. The relentless pace of work. The openness and dedication of most of the workforce.

What has kept you working at CDA for all this time?

The belief that the business can continue to grow and progress in the face of ever changing challenges.

How has CDA helped with your career development?

In gaining experience of a broad range of situations and a number of disciplines. The prime benefit for me has been in managing people – a skill that I now feel comfortable with and enjoy where previously it was something that I really didn’t do well. Maybe that is just because I now work with the best team I have experienced in my time at CDA!

If you were to tell somebody else about CDA, maybe someone applying for a job here, what would you say to them?

If you like hard work, if you are prepared to be open to change and flexible in your approach and you can bring a positive attitude to the business then you will do well.

Describe the CDA culture?

Demanding, hard-working, friendly and always trying to meet the challenges in hand.

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