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Here at CDA we invest in our staff. We understand that to be the best brand we can possibly be, we need the best people on board.

With an onsite gym, healthcare and pension benefits there are excellent rewards to working as part of our team. We also regularly offer relevant training and development support to help each individual reach their full potential.

Zoe Lewin – Product Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at CDA.

I have worked at CDA since June 2015 and I am part of the Product team. We analyse each category of product to ensure that our range is the best it can be and we look for upcoming trends in the market and talk to customers to understand exactly what they want. We are always looking for interesting new product ideas, technologies and manufacturing methods so that we can improve our current range or introduce great new products. I started off as a Product Development Assistant and since then have been promoted to Junior Product Manager and then onto Product Manager.

Why did you choose to work at CDA?

I knew somebody that already worked at CDA and I had heard good things about the company. I wanted to work for a successful and growing company.

What were your first impressions of CDA?

I thought everyone was welcoming and friendly and knew I’d fit in well with the team.

What makes CDA different to other companies you have worked for? Or – what is unique about CDA?

I worked for a large PLC company previously so I didn’t always get to meet the people that I worked with, as they were based all over the UK. Whereas at CDA we have the one office in Nottingham so I get to meet people in all departments. Since Amica took over I now get to travel around and often travel to Poland to meet with our colleagues over there.

Would you recommend CDA to potential employees, if so why?

Yes, it’s great to work for a successful and growing company and to have an input to launching new products.

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