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CDA Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement >> (including updated opening hours and essential repair information)

Engineer safe-working guidelines

CDA is following government and industry guidelines for working safely in people’s homes.

Please read, familiarise yourself with and follow these guidelines to help us to safely carry out the repair in your home. Thank you.

GOVERNMENT PUBLISHED CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS. From 18/05/2020, all individuals should self-isolate if they develop a new continuous cough or fever or anosmia. Anosmia is the loss of or a change in your normal sense of smell. It can also affect your sense of taste as the two are closely linked.

  • The engineer will be responsible for controlling the environment that they are working in and will only work where they feel they can ensure their own safety, and that of the householders.
  • The householder must declare if there is anyone in the property with coronavirus symptoms or who is shielding, self-isolating or clinically vulnerable.
    • No work will be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more householders have symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield – unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household.
    • If a household includes somebody who is clinically vulnerable, but has not been asked to shield, (e.g. the home of someone over 70), it is their decision whether an engineer visits to carry out a repair.
  • The engineer will have visited previous properties earlier in the day, whilst following safe-working guidelines.
  • The engineer will step back 2m before the door is answered.
  • Social distancing must be observed during the visit; a distance of 2m must be maintained between the engineer and anyone else in the property at all times.
  • Please ensure doors and windows are opened in the room where the repair is being carried out.
  • We ask that the householder opens and closes doors themselves, and opens internal doors beforehand to minimise contact.
  • The engineer will sanitise his hands before and after the visit.
  • If the engineer could wash and dry his hands before and after starting work, that would be helpful but he will carry sanitiser.
  • When the call is finished:
    • The engineer will sign the visit off on their tablet as ‘Signed on behalf of’ the householder, to reduce physical contact.
    • The householder should sanitise surfaces when the engineer has left.

Appliance repairs

Under the current circumstances we are operating a more limited service and with a reduced advisor team. This means that we will continue to prioritise the repair of essential appliances – food refrigeration, cooking and laundry – but will now be accepting bookings for wine coolers and dishwashers where possible.

Enquiries relating to any other appliances will be dealt with as and when the COVID-19 situation improves.

Please provide the appliance serial number and proof of purchase when registering your appliance or calling to arrange a repair.

We thank you for your support as we work to keep our key services operational at this difficult time.

A slight change to our opening hours

To protect our team members, and to comply with public health guidelines, our Customer Care staff are working from safe home locations – this may mean it takes a little longer to get through on the phone and respond to emails.

We are pleased to be able to extend our opening hours again on the following schedule:

Weekdays: From Monday June 29th our contact centre will be open normal working hours 08:30 – 18:00.

Saturdays: From Saturday July 4th our contact centre will be open again between 09:00 and 13:00.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

We want to assure our customers and retailers that we are taking sensible and necessary steps to minimise the impact and potential spread of coronavirus to, from and within our business. We are operating a COVID-secure environment and have implemented additional hygiene measures in our workplace. Our engineers, warehouse staff and delivery drivers have been provided with the essential equipment that they need to protect themselves, their families and of course our customers.

Currently we have taken steps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus by introducing a ‘no visitor’ policy to our site, as well as minimising any non-essential trips by staff to other sites. We have introduced additional disinfection routines throughout our offices and staff areas, with hygiene measures like hand sanitiser stations, disposable cups, additional canteen regulations, posting advice about the need for thorough hand washing, additional PPE for remote staff as well as tissues and wipes for everyone to use to keep themselves and their work areas protected.

External events, trade shows, business trips, training and off site meetings have been postponed in order to minimise any unnecessary risk of staff members contracting the virus. We will be utilising technologies like Teams and conference calling, and working from home, to maintain service levels for our customers during this difficult time. We are protecting our team members with any underlying health conditions as best as we can and will continue to offer advice and support as required.

We are reviewing the protective and preventative measures we have in place on a daily basis, in line with government guidelines. The health and wellbeing of our staff is of paramount importance to our business and we will continue to take every step needed to ensure their safety. There is a procedure in place, should we experience an infection in the workplace, and we will monitor the situation very closely as it continues to develop, adjusting our operations and behaviour accordingly.

While risk cannot be eliminated entirely, we believe that by introducing additional temporary measures to protect our workforce we can limit the risk to our valued employees, their families and the impact on our business services and customers.