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CDA Buying Advice – Energy efficiency of dishwashing

The energy efficiency of our dishwashers is rated between an impressive A++ and an A+, so they are all excellent at using as little energy as possible to heat the water and wash dishes effectively. Using a dishwasher saves approximately half the water it would take to wash the same volume of crockery by hand, this also saves the energy required to heat all of that extra water.

With energy efficiency as high as A++ in the CDA dishwasher range you can be assured that you are certainly helping the environment by not washing up by hand. Did you know that to wash up by hand you will use around 21L of water? In comparison, a WC600 uses just 9L to wash up to 15 place settings.

9 Litres is the equivalent to the capacity of a standard size fire extinguisher. This small amount of water in a CDA dishwasher cleans: 15 dinner plates, 15 side plates, 15 bowls, 15 cups and saucers, 15 water glasses, 2 serving bowls, a serving plate and 15 sets of cutlery.

Dishwasher Energy Image

How much energy does a dishwasher use

A CDA dishwasher uses less than 1 kW of energy per cycle. 1kW of energy costs between 11p and 21p, depending on the tariff, time of day and your energy provider.

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