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For complete peace of mind this appliance is covered by 5 years parts and 2 years labour warranty.

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EVX101SS Ceiling extractor

The EVX101SS ceiling extractor makes the most of your kitchen space. By being installed in the ceiling, you are left with free space above your hob and discreet, yet powerful extraction above. The remote control allows easy and practical function. It comes with many extra features such as: filter saturation warning indicator, clean air function, metal grease filters, 4 LED lights for clear illumination and a boost function for when extra extraction is required.


Available in

  • Stainless steel


  • Type of grease filter: stainless steel grease filters
  • Timer: 30 minute timer
  • Soft touch buttons
  • Remote control
  • Peripheral aspiration
  • Motor included
  • Lighting: 4 x LED lights
  • Filter saturation warning light
  • Ducted/re-circulating installation
  • Clean air function
  • Boost function
  • 8 speeds + intensive


  • Remote control


  • Energy rating: B

Extraction Rates And Noise

  • Noise level at third speed: 51 dBA
  • Noise level at sixth speed: 59 dBA
  • Noise level at seventh speed: 61 dBA
  • Noise level at second speed: 49 dBA
  • Noise level at intensive speed: 70 dBA
  • Noise level at fourth speed: 54 dBA
  • Noise level at first speed: 45 dBA
  • Noise level at fifth speed: 56 dBA
  • Noise level at eighth speed: 64 dBA
  • Extraction rate at third speed: 380 m3/hr
  • Extraction rate at sixth speed: 520 m³/h
  • Extraction rate at seventh speed: 560 m³/h
  • Extraction rate at second speed: 300 m3/hr
  • Extraction rate at intensive speed: 750 m³/h
  • Extraction rate at fourth speed: 430 m3/hr
  • Extraction rate at first speed: 220 m3/hr
  • Extraction rate at fifth speed: 490 m³/h
  • Extraction rate at eighth speed: 590 m³/h


  • Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
  • Ducting kit: AED61/63/64
  • Charcoal filter code: CHA18

Fitting Notes

  • Fitting note 2: Recommended ceiling height 1500-1800mm
  • Fitting note: The EVX100SS extraction outlet can be rotated through 90°, 180° or 270°, allowing for flexible installation.


  • Type of light: LED
  • Number of lights: 4

Optional Accessories

  • Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64
  • Chimney section code: CHA18 (pack of 2)

Technical Specification

  • Required height over gas hobs: 750 mm (min)
  • Required height over electric hobs: 750 mm (min)
  • Rated electrical power: 286
  • Protection class: I
  • Power supply: 3 A
  • Outlet diameter: 150mm
  • Outlet diameter: 150mm
  • Optional accessories: Ducting kit aed61/63/64
  • Motor Input: 270 W
  • Mains lead rating: el-202
  • Mains lead length: 1800 mm

Misc Information

  • WEEE Category: 01

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