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EZA90BL Designer angled extractor


The EZA90BL Designer angled extractor boasts many great features such as touch control, timer function, low noise levels, high extraction rates and is A rated for energy efficiency. This extractor is available in two widths, 60cm and 90cm and has a crisp LED strip light to ensure clear illumination of the cooking area as well as adding a stylish touch to the kitchen.



  • Dishwashable grease filter
  • Height adjustable
  • Timer: Yes
  • 3 speeds + intensive
  • Touch control
  • Ducted/re-circulating installation

Available in

  • Black

Technical Specification

  • Required height over electric hobs: 450 mm (min)
  • Required height over gas hobs: 650 mm (min)

Extraction Rates And Noise

  • Noise level at third speed: 60 dBA
  • Extraction rate at first speed: 278 m³/hr
  • Noise level at first speed: 55 dBA
  • Extraction rate at second speed: 370 m³/hr
  • Extraction rate at third speed: 460 m³/hr
  • Noise level at second speed: 57 dBA
  • Noise level at fourth speed: 70 dBA
  • Extraction rate at fourth speed: 722 m3/hr


  • Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
  • Aluminium grease filter: 1


  • Annual energy consumption: 62 kWh

Optional Accessories

  • Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64

Misc Information

  • WEEE Category: 01