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CDA Buying Advice – Extractor Styles

We have a complete range of cooker hood styles to suit every type of kitchen size, shape and design. From the traditional chimney models, like the ECH range, to the designer models including the EVA and EVG angled extractors you can install a chimney extractor for both recirculating filtered air and ducting steam or cooking smells outside of your home.

Unique extractors like the 3B10 shelf extractor or the EVC4 cylindrical models offer an impressive focal point above your cooking station. To view the full range of chimney style models, click here.  
Alternatively, over an island unit, either a ceiling extractor or island extractor allows flexibility for installation with models available for both types of extraction; recirculating or ducting outside. Extra features like a remote control allow easy use for the more inaccessible ceiling mounted models in the range, including the 3L9 lantern, 3S10 spherical designer model and the discreet yet impressive EVX ceiling extractors.

Possibly the smartest models we feature are the downdraft extractors. Slipping silently away beneath the worktop, they are barely noticeable until you need them. Switch them on and they slide up and provide excellent extraction during cooking. Take a look at our 90cm and 60cm versions here.

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Do different types have different features?

Our extractors range from basic, practical models that get your kitchen freshened up in flash to designer, glass and statement models that make more of a kitchen necessity. Starting with our integrated models, we have designed cooker hoods that fit into every kitchen space to give you clean air, wherever you are cooking. The chimney styles available are extensive and include everything from the traditional to the glass models that bring a focal point to your kitchen layout. At the top of the range, with every extra feature, whistle and bell possible, the ceiling and downdraft extractors bring a bit of magic to the kitchen with our latest designer styles and technology to make your home work harder for you.

As you move up the range of cooker hoods, more features and functions appear in the specification to suit exactly the level of extraction you are looking for.



Ambient lighting features across our cooker hood range to provide essential illumination at your cooking station and to introduce a flexible ambient extra lighting solution to your kitchen design. Bulbs can be purchased from our Customer Care centre when they need exchanging and many of our latest models include LED lights for maintenance-free peace of mind.

Our EKP range introduces an extra lighting option for your home with LED edge lighting that can be switched on in a range of colours to create ambience in your home.


Fan covers

Our fan covers are made from Aluminium and act as an additional grease filter on your extractor. You can clean them easily by clicking them off and putting them through the dishwasher.

Noise levels: Which extractor fan is the quietest

Our 3S10 ceiling extractor is the quietest model we manufacture at just 48 decibels. The running noise decibel rating is lower than that of rainfall (50dBA.)


How do kitchen fans differ from bathroom

While a bathroom and a kitchen extractor may appear to do the same job, they have many different aspects in performance and adhere to very different safety regulations. One of the main focuses of a bathroom extractor is to be low power and well covered, making it suitable for use where it may come into contact with water.

A kitchen extractor doesn’t have to comply with these considerations but does have to be able to resist the high levels of heat that it will be exposed to over a cooking area.

Tip: When fitting your new kitchen extractor, always check the recommended height guidelines for installation over a gas, ceramic, induction or solid plate hob.

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Duct out or recirculate

Choosing to duct your extractor to the outside or recirculate cleaned air back into the room may not be a choice you have. If the option to duct outside is not available then we sell appropriate charcoal filters for each extractor model that can easily be fitted at home. The charcoal effectively removes dirt from the air, cleansing it before it is allowed back into your kitchen environment.

If you are ducting to the outside, always refer to your individual instruction manual to ensure that you have the correctly sized ducting kit to provide optimum performance in your home.


Island extractor / Ceiling extractor

Cooking on an island unit? That is not a problem with our range of ceiling mounted & island extractors. As well as looking fantastic, island cooker hoods allow you to position your extraction right where you need it. Please be aware that if you choose a ceiling or island model, you may have to opt for recirculating extraction due to the location of your hood being away from an external wall.


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