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CDA Buying Advice – Range Cookers


Cooking capacity is very straight forward when we are talking about choosing a single or a double oven, but when it comes to a range cooker, how much space do you actually get? Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. If you only cook small meals, use the hob much more than the oven or are even not that interested in cooking, a range cooker may not be for you. It may be simply too large and waste space in your kitchen that could be taken up by much more useful appliances to you. If you are sacrificing on a dryer for a range cooker and you don’t cook, for example, you see where we are going? This is exactly why we have a range of sizes for you to choose from so that if you like the range cooker look but don’t need the space you can go for a compact 70cm model. If you have average cooking requirements and a medium sized family, then a 90cm might do just fine. If you have an enormous family or entertain all the time, you might need the RV1200.

When it comes to oven cavities though, choose according to your cooking style. Having a main oven and a smaller one could be perfect if you sometimes just need to do jacket potatoes, because the smaller side oven will take less time to heat up and cost less to cook your food as it is not heating a large capacity. If you don’t need it, then don’t go for our enormous, single cavity RV911 as heating one large cavity will be a waste of energy for just one pizza, if that is your normal cooking style. If you want to do big roasts and lots of cakes or traditional feasts then an RV911 could be just the piece of equipment you have always been looking for!

The larger the model obviously means the more cooking capacity you will have. Take a look at our capacity guide to match up your cooking requirements.

Most of the CDA range cooker models offer either twin cavities or a triple cavity, with just the RV911 having one, large oven. This means that you will get around 65L space in your main range cooker oven, which is almost as much as our extra-large cavity single ovens. What’s more, you then have a second oven, which is tall and slim on the majority of models but wide and short on the 70cm RV701. This cooks using a conventional oven setting, with an additional grill, to allow you half the space again for side dishes, puddings and starters. On the enormous RV1200, our largest range cooker model, you have 3 oven cavities to play with which means you will never run out of cooking space at Christmas.

As well as the additional cooking space, each of the 90cm and above range cooker models comes with a useful storage drawer that provides extra kitchen cupboard space for baking trays and roasting dishes that is neatly built into your cooker.

The RV911 is our single cavity range cooker model and is styled similar to the ovens that you would see in a professional chef’s kitchen, with one extra-large, extra wide cavity to cope with impressive roasts or multiple tray bakes, cooking everything evenly at the same shelf height. You would have no problem fitting a roast chicken, roast potatoes, 2 side dishes & a baked pudding in our single or twin cavity range cookers simultaneously; with extra room in our RV1200 triple cavity for some additional canapés, a separately cooked vegetarian dish or fresh bread to accompany your meal.

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