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CDA Buying Advice – Range Cookers


When it comes to what you can cook, the list is endless. All CDA dual fuel range cookers have a fully multifunctional main oven to cope with blind baking, roasting, grilling, defrosting, fan cooking etc. as well as everything else you can throw at it.

There is so much to love about a range cooker that we almost forgot to mention the hob…

You can choose between gas and electric hobs that will easily accommodate up to 6 pans at any one time. We have also included some extra special details across the range to make cooking functional and fun. From wok supports to help you keep your stir fry secure, an impressive ceramic griddle to BBQ indoors to dual zones that are flexible to your pan size, there are plenty of extra features to keep every home chef happy.

Whatever you are looking for in your kitchen, if you want it all in one package then take a look at a CDA range cooker.

Range Cookers from CDA
kids showing off their hands after baking with grandma

The difference with range cooking, including cooking options

With everything in one place, you can concentrate on your cooking without the need to keep checking on different appliances. Also, within our range cooker collection we have additional and unique features for you to choose from including a ceramic griddle, wok burners or dual cooking zones.

The extra capacity allows you to relax about mealtimes and use the extra space to keep side dishes warm or even be flexible about serving times, while your range cooker looks after everything. This is a great advantage if you like to entertain.

There is a full range of accessories available for you to choose from to compliment your range cooker. Glass oven trays, telescopic shelving, pizza stones for a perfectly crisp base, catalytic liners to keep your ovens clean and a cast iron griddle tray for steaks or vegetables are all ideal options for the cook with aspiration!

The cooking style of range cooker you go for will depend on the energy source that you have available and your preferred cooking style. Whilst we cannot help if you only have electric and no gas, or vice versa, where you live, we can give you the lowdown on what each type of oven means for cooking results and practicality.

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