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CDA Buying Advice – Range Cookers

Oven Use

You’ll notice that each of the cavities on your range cooker has a different selection of oven functions, from fully multifunctional cooking options to a more basic conventional second or third cavity with a grill. This allows you to use your range cooker to cook several dishes, or even courses, simultaneously using different cooking styles.

The main oven cavity is undoubtedly the best for roasting a joint of meat or cooking the main portion of your meal, whereas the second oven is perfect for cooking sides like roast potatoes and crumbles to accompany your meal.

The thing that range cookers excel at is juggling. The modern home is becoming ever busier with families even shorter on time. Get the best out of your CDA range cooker by utilising the multifunction main oven and conventional second oven alongside up to 6 hob zones to prepare dinner, tomorrow’s lunch and some sweet treats simultaneously. There is also an automatic oven programmer that allows you to preset start and finish cooking times so that you can spend more time enjoying meals with your family.

Single oven vs double ovens

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