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CDA Buying Advice – How to Defrost an Integrated Fridge Freezer


Food stored within the fridge section of an integrated fridge freezer

At CDA we understand that defrosting your integrated fridge freezer is a chore you would rather live without. That’s why we have created a short advice guide on making this tedious task simple and quick so that you can focus on the important things.

All of our fridges are frost free and work on a ‘wet wall’ refrigeration system. This means that they are designed so that the condensation runs down the back wall of the fridge into a drain hole at the bottom, before being evaporated from around the coils at the back of the appliance. Therefore preventing the need to defrost the fridge section. 

If however, you notice that water is beginning to pool at the back of your appliance, check to see if the drain hole is blocked. You can do this using the device supplied with your appliance or by using a drinking straw.


Our FW951 integrated fridge freezer and FW971 integrated fridge freezer also have frost free freezer sections, meaning you do not need to defrost the freezer either and can use the appliance almost maintenance free. 

If you find that your frost free fridge freezer has a build-up of ice inside, simply check that both the doors to your appliance are closing fully and therefore sealing correctly. If warm air is let into your integrated fridge freezer, the appliance will need to work harder to bring the internal temperature back down which can result in a build-up of ice.

Integrated fridge freezer with both doors open, displaying the storage of food and drink
Food and drink stored within the fridge section of an integrated fridge freezer

However, should you choose a model that does require you to defrost your freezer, simply follow these quick steps below:

  • In the week running up to defrosting your freezer, try to use up the food to prevent waste, helping to save you money.
  • Once emptied, turn the freezer off and leave the door slightly open to allow the ice and frost to melt.
  • Place a towel down on the floor in front of your appliance to absorb any melting ice and water, this will prevent any mess and accidents from happening.

If you want to speed up the process, do not pick or chip at the ice! This could damage the internal cavity walls and essentially finish your freezer, for good! Instead, place a bowl or tray of hot water inside the freezer to gently speed up the defrosting process.


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