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CDA Refrigeration Safety

Below is a list of refrigeration products showing compliance with the recent recommendations regarding product safety and backing materials.

All CDA products are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent European safety standards to make them as safe as possible in use. It is a legal requirement that all electrical products are tested and approved before being placed on the market.

All of our refrigeration products are fully compliant with the requirements of the applicable safety standards, IEC60335-1 and IEC60335-2-24. CDA ensures that all electrical parts in your product are manufactured using flame retardant materials. Please ensure that you are using the product in accordance with the instructions supplied. Copies of instruction manuals for your appliance are available from each of our product pages. 

Please see below a table detailing the backing material used in the construction of all of our current refrigeration products:

FW852 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
FW872 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
FW821 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
FW881 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
FW552 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
FW582 Aluminium foil laminate Yes Yes
PC52 Metal Yes Yes
PC71 Metal Yes Yes
PC84 Metal Yes Yes
PC88 Metal Yes Yes
PC870 Metal Yes Yes
PC880 Metal Yes Yes
PC900 Metal Yes Yes
FW224 Metal Yes Yes
FW254 Metal Yes Yes
FW284 Metal Yes Yes
FW925 Metal Yes Yes
FW927 Metal Yes Yes
FW952 Metal Yes Yes
FW972 Metal Yes Yes
FF880 Plastic Yes No
FF820 Plastic Yes No
FF121 Plastic Yes No
FF151 Plastic Yes No
FF181 Plastic Yes No
FW223 Plastic Yes No
FW253 Plastic Yes No
FW283 Plastic Yes No
FW321 Plastic Yes No
FW381 Plastic Yes No
FW422 Plastic Yes No
FW482 Plastic Yes No
FF660 Plastic Yes No
FF770 Metal Yes Yes
FW951 Plastic Yes No
FW971 Plastic Yes No

Flammability classification UL94 V1 or better.

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