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FAQ – Wine cooler

How do wine coolers work?

Wine coolers are an excellent way to store your wine and ensure that it is being kept at the perfect temperature. CDA wine coolers have many features and functions to ensure your wine is ready to serve whenever you wish, but how does a wine cooler work?

Your wine cooler cools as an electric charge is sent through two connected pieces of metal, creating a heat flux. A heat flux occurs when heat is transferred from one side of the metal to the other, meaning that one side is hot and one is cold. The core cooling device is called a heat pump, it is small and has no moving parts so it doesn’t tend to make as much noise as a normal fridge. The heated part of the heat pump is located on the outer section of the wine cooler and the cooler section is found inside the cabinet. Fans then circulate the cold air around the entire cabinet ensuring that cool air is kept inside and hot air is removed.

Wine coolers have humidity controls which monitor the levels of humidity within the cooler itself and adjust them when necessary. There needs to be a level of humidity in the cabinet because if the levels drop, wine bottle corks can become porous letting in smells and contaminating the wine. Ideal levels of humidity in a wine cooler are between 55% and 75%, if levels drop below 50% this is when the cork will start to become porous. Humidity levels can drop if the door is opened or left open, but you can rest assured that all CDA coolers come equipped with a door alarm to prevent this from happening.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a beverage cooler?

 You store drinks in a wine cooler, so they must be the same? But they are not. A wine cooler is set to a higher temperature range as wine shouldn’t be stored in the cold temperatures that you would find inside a beverage cooler or normal refrigerator. Beverage coolers are there to ensure that your drinks are kept cold and ready to serve, whereas wine coolers keep wine at the perfect temperature in order to ensure it lasts longer and ages well.

You may have asked yourself why you can’t just put wine in a beverage cooler along with other drinks? You can, but the temperature will be too cold for your wine to be kept at their required humidity levels for long periods of time. 

Other differences between the two coolers are that a beverage cooler is usually smaller than a wine cooler and therefore uses less energy, as it is designed to hold drinks in cans and bottles.

Where can I find the model and serial number?

We know it can be a hassle to locate the important information on your appliance that you need when calling a manufacturer for assistance. That’s why we have put the model number and serial number conveniently on the same sticker inside your appliance. You can find the information under the bottom shelf on the left hand side internal wall. It will be printed on the appliance’s rating plate sticker.

I have a new appliance and I cannot adjust the temperature. The controls are not working and it is set to 12 degrees with the light switched off?

The wine cooler is pre-set to 12 degrees and has a lock on the controls when it is first switched on. This is signalled by a decimal point remaining solidly lit in the bottom right corner of the temperature display (the bottom right corner of the right hand temperature display for dual zone wine coolers.)

To unlock the controls:

On a single zone wine cooler, to deactivate the safety key lock press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. The decimal point in the bottom right corner of the temperature display will flash three times to confirm that the lock has been successfully deactivated.

On a dual zone wine cooler, to deactivate the safety key lock press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys for the right hand temperature display simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. The decimal point in the bottom right corner of the (right hand) temperature display will flash three times to confirm that the lock has been successfully deactivated.

Please note: The safety key lock will reactivate after 2 minutes has passed with no key being pressed. You will need to unlock the controls each time you change the temperature.

Does the light come on when the door is open?

Unlike in a fridge where you need the internal light to come on each time you open the door in order to see what is lurking at the back, in a wine cooler there is no need for the internal light to come on unless you specifically want it to. In the interests of saving energy, and lowering your electricity bill, the lights in CDA wine coolers only come on when the button is pressed.

My handle is loose, how can I tighten it? Does this need an engineer?

To protect the glass doors during transit, our wine coolers do not come with the handles in place and they will need to be fitted on installation. They are held in place by 2 grubscrews at the top and bottom of each handle. Fitting could not be easier and you won’t need to call out an engineer to attach them. The wine coolers come supplied with an Allen key to tighten and fix the handle to the door. This doesn’t require a service call.

There is a plastic container inside the wine cooler. What is this for?

CDA wine coolers, with the exception of the FWC152, are equipped with a humidity system to maintain the optimal level of water content in the air within the wine cooler. The container is the humidity regulator’s reservoir. Fill the humidity reservoir approximately 3/4 full with water. Place the reservoir on the runners on the top shelf as shown in fig. 3 of the instruction manual. Ensure it is put in place correctly to prevent water spillage. Check the water level regularly and refill if required.

Can the door be reversed?

We understand that every kitchen is different and that you need your appliances to work around you. That is why we have designed our wine coolers so that the door can be reversed. Inside each appliance there is a fittings kit which allows you to switch the way the doors open on your appliance. Please refer to your appliance’s user manual for step by step instructions on how to reverse the door.

How many bottles can I fit in the appliance? Can I fit in other bottles such as champagne?

Each wine cooler will have a different specification as to how many bottles they can fit on the internal slide-out shelves. If you click through to the wine cooler section on this website you will see your appliance model number listed. Click through to the product page for a full specification which includes the maximum bottle capacity of your wine cooler. At the smallest end of the range the FWC152 holds 7 bottles and our largest wine cooler, the FWC860, holds 126 bottles. This is based on 75cl Bourdeaux sized bottles. You can fit bottles other than those standard for wines in the appliance, however the total number you can fit in will depend on the size of the bottles.

Why isn’t my wine cooler cooling?

There are a few things that you can check to eliminate any easily fixable problems, before you telephone our customer care team. Firstly, please check the door is closed properly. You can then check that the temperature is set correctly, see the instructions above for information on how to take off the safety lock setting to adjust the temperature in your appliance. You can also make sure that the appliance isn’t overloaded and that it has been installed with the correct ventilation as per the user manual. If all of these things are OK, please give our friendly team a call on 01949 862012.


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