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CDA Dishwashers

Using less water and energy than washing by hand, CDA dishwashers produce spotless results that will save you time and energy in the kitchen. The CDA range offers the latest technology as well as user-friendly features that make “doing the dishes” quick, easy and chore-free.


Our range of dishwashers fall into two main categories; freestanding dishwashers, which is the standard design of a dishwasher that you’ll be most used to seeing, and integrated dishwashers, also known as built-in dishwashers, which are designed to blend in with your kitchen cabinets through the use of a matching cupboard door. This door will not replace your dishwasher door, but simply conceals the appliance for a streamlined look.


If you are opting for an integrated dishwasher, it’s important to ensure you’re purchasing a product with the correct dimensions. Be sure that the width, height and depth are all suitable for placing inside your desired kitchen cabinet. We also offer a selection of slimline dishwasher models to suit kitchens where space is at a premium.

All of the dishwashers in the range include different cleaning features which vary depending on the model you choose. These include; prewash, quick wash, express, economy, intensive, intensive+, delicate and automatic or “normal” washes.


With A+ (and better) energy ratings and stunning modern designs, it’s easy to see why so many people choose a CDA dishwasher. They’re also capable of holding everything you need after a family meal, with a load capacity of up to 10 place settings in our slimline dishwashers and up to 15 place settings in our full size dishwashers.

Need Advice?

Dishwashing can be a confusing topic, what does a place setting mean? How noisy is my dishwasher? We have built a dishwasher guide to help guide you through the buying process.