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Integrated Dishwashers

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WC141 Integrated dishwasher

The WC141 is a fully integrated 60cm dishwasher. Capable of holding 12 place settings, it offers 5 programmes, height adjustable upper baskets, end of programme signal, LED rinse and salt indicators and a delay timer that make it both an efficient and indispensable kitchen appliance.


WC370IN Integrated intelligent dishwasher

The WC370 is an A++ energy rated fully integrated, intelligent dishwasher that comes with impressive functions and features that give you the best possible wash results. A delay timer allows you to take advantage of off peak electricity tariffs. The WC370 also features user friendly LED salt and rinse aid indicators and electronic softener adjustment to allow you to maintain these excellent results.


WC431 Integrated slimline dishwasher

The WC431 is an A++AA rated, slimline dishwasher. Whilst discreetly integrating into your kitchen design, it offers great functionality in a 45cm space. Holding up to 10 place settings, with 6 programmes and an easy to use LED display, this machine can cope with your family's needs. A useful delay timer also allows you to program your dishwasher to run at a time suited to you, making the most of low energy tariffs. Fitted with overflow protection, the WC431 will go unnoticed whilst performing brilliantly.


WC461 Integrated intelligent slimline dishwasher

The WC461 is a fully integrated, A++ energy rated slimline dishwasher; perfect for smaller kitchen spaces. It comes with an impressive list of functions and features that work to give you the best possible wash results. The delay timer allows you to make use of off peak electricity, whilst the half load settings means that you need not wait for the dishwasher to be full before you start the wash programme. An acoustic end of programme signal, along with LED rinse aid and salt indicators make this dishwasher user friendly and an indispensable part of the home.


WC600 Integrated intelligent dishwasher

The WC600 is a fully integrated, A++ energy rated intelligent dishwasher. The clever sensor on this machine allows the perfect amount of water in to wash your dishes, according to the level of soiling. The LED interior light is a user friendly addition that makes loading and unloading your dishes quick and easy. The top level cutlery drawer finishes off the thoughtful design by making the most of the 15 place setting load capacity, whilst arranging cutlery in such a way as to achieve maximum cleaning results.

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Integrated Dishwashers

Quiet, efficient and spacious, our range of integrated dishwashers dishwashers work away behind a kitchen cupboard door discreetly out of sight. They have an A+ energy efficiency rating and use far less water than washing by hand. No matter the size of your kitchen, with our slimline 45cm range-everyone can have a dishwasher at home. Specialist features like a top level cutlery basket on the WC600 or an LED interior light make using these models easy and never a chore. You will barely even notice that they are on whilst they work to clean your cookware, cutlery and crockery to hygienic perfection.

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