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Domino Hobs

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HCC310SS Domino griddle hob

The HCC310SS is a domino ceramic griddle. Perfect to cook steaks, griddle vegetables, chicken and fish, this domino griddle offers the capability to cook directly on the glass. With 12 power levels and shatterproof glass it is certainly built for the job; and with an easy clean surface, the maintenance is taken care of too.


HCE340SS Domino two plate electric hob

The HCE340SS is a domino, two plate electric hob with front control and 6 power levels.


HCG301SS Domino two burner gas hob

The HCG301SS is a simple, smart and stylish domino two burner gas hob. Features include: front control, enamel pan support and flame failure.


HG3601FR Domino single burner gas on glass hob

The HG3601FR is a stylish tempered glass, triple ring wok burner with cast iron pan supports. Domino hobs allow the user to customise their cooking zones. This gas hob comes with automatic ignition and flame failure fitted as standard.


HG3602FR Domino two burner gas on glass hob

The HG3602FR domino two burner gas hob has tempered glass with cast iron pan supports. The HG3602FR design also comes the with the flame failure feature, which ensures the flame fails on the hob if the fuel is switched off.


HN3621FR Domino two zone induction hob

The HN3621FR induction hob has a two zone domino layout which allows it to be installed alongside other models from our domino range. Combining domino hobs from either induction, gas, or electric means that you can create a personalised combination to suit your preferred cooking style.


HC3621FR Domino two zone ceramic hob

The HC3621FR is a two zone ceramic domino hob. It comes in a stylish, frameless black glass design and features an LED display with touch controls for each cooking zone. A built-in timer allows to you set cooking times and our ?auto safety switch off? feature is programmed in, to prevent the hob being left on. Nine power levels on each cooking zone allow quick adjustment of pans to boil, simmer, melt or even keep food warm.

Domino Hobs

Domino hobs are perfect for small spaces or combining cooking styles. Available in gas, solid electric plate, ceramic, induction or even as a ceramic griddle they are perfect for installing alongside one another to create a cooking zone that is exactly what you want.

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