cda sinks

CDA Sinks

Great design with practical functionality

The kitchen sink isn’t just a place to wash up. It’s also a work station for food preparation, washing, rinsing, straining and draining. CDA offer a complete range of sinks combining great design with practical functionality.


CDA sinks are perfect for any home kitchen. Not only are they high quality and long-lasting, but they’re designed and manufactured in a variety of different shapes and style so that you’re certain to find one that fits your requirements.


Across the range there are traditional stainless steel sinks have been upgraded through modern designs to become a statement piece in the kitchen. The composite models have colour options to suit your design and additional hygienic nanoparticles built into the material to provide anti-bacterial protection. Every sink in the range is built to last from the high grade, scratch, stain and heat-resistant stainless steel models, the virtually indestructible composites all the way through to the handmade, fireclay ceramic designs.

Undermount sinks are growing in popularity in modern homes. They are mounted below the surface countertop, effectively hanging underneath the counter rather than sitting on top of it the way that most sinks do. This allows you to create a seamless flow of worktop around your kitchen with the sink discreetly fitted within.


Finally, we have our range of glass sink that are made from black tempered glass. They are resistant to scratches, stains and heat and look incredibly stylish, adding a subtle yet effective stylish update to your modern kitchen.