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Refrigerators from CDA

Cool, inside and out! Packed with features, the CDA cooling range has something to suit every kitchen from integrated units, compact freestanding models and American style fridge freezers; all designed with food care and safe storage in mind.

Arguably, the most important part of your kitchen is your food storage; that’s why we’ve put technology at the forefront of our products. The modern home requires convenience and innovation and so we’ve coupled this with CDA style and our trusted quality testing to offer products that will work hard for you and fit into your lifestyle.


We manufacture a huge range of fridges, freezers and fridge freezers in a variety of different styles here at CDA. Our freestanding fridges and freezers are popular due to their sleek and simple design, high energy efficiency ratings and large storage capacities. We also have a range of integrated fridges, in either under-counter size or full-size larder fridges and freezers that offer maximum fresh and frozen storage space. The integrated style is designed to be housed inside cupboards; allowing them to be concealed and provide uninterrupted, more consistent look in your kitchen


What is an American style fridge freezer?

The American style is extremely popular in modern homes due to their huge storage space, extra features and statement looks. Some of the models come with water and ice dispensers on the front for quick access to cold, filtered and refreshing water.

Our American fridge freezers are extremely popular and demand is only continuing to heat up, whilst they stay icy cool. American style fridge freezers have two doors on the front that open from the centre outwards. Usually the freezer is on the left and the fridge to the right of the appliance. This is a change from the traditional style of fridge freezer which is vertical in design; with the fridge on top and freezer on the bottom.


We also offer American style fridges with a twist. Our “French door” models have a double door fridge at the top and two large freezer drawers at the bottom. This can be more beneficial for those that look to freeze larger items, but who still want the American design in their home.

Need Advice?

The world of refrigeration has expanded greatly in the UK over the last decade including the introduction of American style refrigeration. As consumers we have a wide variety of refrigeration to choose from

So if you want to know your capacities from your features then check out our refrigeration advice pages