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CDA Dishwashers

Using less water and energy than washing by hand, CDA dishwashers produce spotless results that will save you time and energy in the kitchen. The CDA range offers the latest technology as well as user-friendly features that make “doing the dishes” quick, easy and chore-free.


WC142 Integrated dishwasher

The WC142 is a fully integrated 60cm dishwasher. Capable of holding 13 place set READ MORE...tings, it offers 5 programmes, height adjustable upper baskets, end of programme signal, LED rinse and salt indicators and a delay timer that make it both an efficient and indispensable kitchen appliance.... READ LESS...


WC371 Integrated intelligent dishwasher

The WC371 is an A++ energy rated fully integrated, intelligent dishwasher that c READ MORE...omes with impressive functions and features that give you the best possible wash results. A delay timer allows you to take advantage of off peak electricity tariffs. The WC371 also features user friendly LED salt and rinse aid indicators and electronic softener adjustment to allow you to maintain these excellent results.... READ LESS...


WC680 Integrated intelligent dishwasher

The WC680 is a fully integrated, A++ energy rated intelligent dishwasher. The cl READ MORE...ever sensor on this machine allows the perfect amount of water in to wash your dishes, according to the level of soiling. The LED interior light is a user friendly addition that makes loading and unloading your dishes quick and easy. The top level cutlery drawer finishes off the thoughtful design by making the most of the 15 place setting load capacity, whilst arranging cutlery in such a way as to achieve maximum cleaning results. Cleaning stubborn baked on food has never been so easy with the new triple wash feature, this model now has two additional spray arms at the bottom of the dishwasher to focus powerful cleaning where is it most needed and Directwash is perfect for those wanting that extra bit of care on bottles, wine glasses and cups. A beam of water is directed straight into the vessel to make sure every corner is reached. ... READ LESS...


WC432 Integrated slimline dishwasher

The WC432 is an A++AA rated, slimline dishwasher. Whilst discreetly integrating READ MORE...into your kitchen design, it offers great functionality in a 45cm space. Holding up to 10 place settings, with 6 programmes and an easy to use LED display, this machine can cope with your family's needs. A useful delay timer also allows you to program your dishwasher to run at a time suited to you, making the most of low energy tariffs. Fitted with overflow protection, the WC432 will go unnoticed whilst performing brilliantly.... READ LESS...


WC480 Integrated intelligent slimline dishwasher

The WC480 is a fully integrated, A++ energy rated slimline dishwasher; perfect f READ MORE...or smaller kitchen spaces. It comes with an impressive list of functions and features that work to give you the best possible wash results. The addition of the top level cutlery drawer makes the most of the 10 place setting load capacity. The delay timer allows you to make use of off peak electricity, whilst the half load settings means that you need not wait for the dishwasher to be full before you start the wash programme. An acoustic end of programme signal, along with LED rinse aid and salt indicators make this dishwasher user friendly and an indispensable part of the home.... READ LESS...



We have designed a comprehensive range of dishwashers that offer practical and energy efficient wash performance as well as sizes to suit every kitchen space. Choose between a slimline 45cm model that will fit into every kitchen or a full size 60cm model that can wash up to 15 place settings simultaneously.

Our integrated dishwashers have fixings to adhere a décor door to the front, matching them perfectly to the rest of your kitchen. The décor door does not replace the dishwasher door, it simply fits onto it so that your cabinetry matches and your plate washing secret is hidden away when you are not using it.


If you are opting for an integrated dishwasher, it’s important to ensure you’re purchasing a product with the correct dimensions. Be sure that the width, height and depth are all suitable for placing inside your desired kitchen cabinet. You can view all the dishwasher dimensions on the individual product pages in this section of the website. They will tell you what depth, width and height you need to allow before deciding where to put your indispensable dishwasher.

Even with a 45cm slimline model you will be able to wash up to 10 place settings, so if you are stuck for space it won’t feel like a big compromise. Moving away from hand washing will certainly save you time, money, effort and energy too as the average dishwasher in our range uses approximately 10 Litres of water less than you would by washing the same amount by hand.

All of the dishwashers in the range include different cleaning features which vary depending on the model you choose. These include; prewash, quick wash, express, economy, intensive, intensive+, delicate and automatic or “normal” washes. This gives you the choice between different levels and wash temperatures so that you can vary your cycle depending on whether you are washing cookware, glasses or normal plates and bowls.

For a full guide on what each function does, when to use it and which programme to use, take a look at our buying guide. We also have guides on dishwasher energy usage, capacity, noise levels and our frequently asked questions section that can be very useful before purchasing a new dishwasher.


With A+ (and better) energy ratings and stunning modern designs, it’s easy to see why so many people choose a CDA dishwasher. They’re also capable of holding everything you need after a family meal, with a load capacity of up to 10 place settings in our slimline dishwashers and up to 15 place settings in our full size dishwashers.

Our dishwashers boast some of the quietest noise levels on the market. With improved motors and design they are so quiet that you will hardly hear them when they are on.

For all the latest tips on using your dishwasher and getting the best wash results possible, take a look at our dishwasher tips for hints on loading correctly, arranging your plates, making sure your appliance can clean as well as possible and how to spot any problems.

Need Advice?

Dishwashing can be a confusing topic, what does a place setting mean? How noisy is my dishwasher? We have built a dishwasher guide to help guide you through the buying process.