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CDA Wine Coolers

Our range of freestanding and integrated wine coolers are certainly a reason to raise your glass. As well as showcasing your collection tastefully, the quality of technical specifications mean that maintaining optimal conditions is at your fingertips.

Wine Coolers

CDA wine coolers are exactly what you’d expect from our brand – sleek, sophisticated and reliable. They’re designed in to look great in any modern home, and aim to please even the most discerning of tastes.

Not only do our wine coolers look great, but they offer excellent features too. These aren’t just glorified mini fridges, they’re exactly what your wine deserves and needs. Depending on the wine cooler you opt for, you can expect to see a range of features that include: electronic temperature control, UV protected smoked toughened glass, a temperature alarm, memory function and a dehumidifier.


You can choose the size that best suits your kitchen design and storage requirements. There are small, slimline designs that hold 7 bottles, right up to full-height wine coolers capable of storing over 120 bottles.

We also offer integrated wine coolers, capable of storing between 24-55 bottles, which can be installed at eye level in the kitchen to best display your collection and maintain a streamlined design

Need Advice?

Wine cooling is very much a misunderstood artform. Wine is a delicate creature and needs to be served at the correct temperature for the optimum taste

So not only does your wine cooler facilitate this but this helpful wine cooling guide on serving temperatures and tips will come in handy to help you make the right choice.