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Induction Hobs

9 Products in Induction Hobs

HN6111FR - Four zone induction hob

HN6111FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6111FR is a simple, stylish and extremely functional induction hob with four cooking zones and seamless touch controls that allow fast, responsive and energy efficient cooking on an easy to clean glass surface.

HN6841FR - Four zone induction hob

HN6841FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6841FR is a four zone induction hob. The design and function are perfectly combined in the HN6841FR with brilliant, usable features like a timer, booster, additional safety features and simmer or melt settings. As well as being functional, this hob features an illuminated front bevelled edge for extra style in your cooking area.

HN9611FR - Five zone induction hob

HN9611FR Five zone induction hob

Packed with cooking functions and additional safety features, the HN9611FR allows you to boost, melt, simmer or even pause cooking by simply pressing the stylish touch controls. Built-in safety features like anti-overflow, anti-overheat, small object detection and a safety key lock give peace of mind in the kitchen for the whole familys safety.

HN6411FR - Four zone eco induction hob

HN6411FR Four zone eco induction hob

The HN6411FR four zone induction hob has a front electronic touch control with LED display. The hob also has 9 power levels, a booster feature on each zone to reduce heating times, an auto safety switch , time limit security system and an easy clean surface to make this both a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. The hob is also configurable for more flexibility on installation.

HN6732FR - Four zone induction hob

HN6732FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6732FR four zone induction hob has front electric touch control with an LED display. The hob has 9 power levels to control your cooking, 1 bridge zone to accommodate larger cookerware and a timer which can cut the zone off when it has reached the set time. The HN6732FR is easy to clean with a sleek black ceramic shatterproof hob top.

HN6850FR - Designer four zone illuminated induction hob

HN6850FR Designer four zone illuminated induction hob

The designer HN6850FR has four induction zones with both the left and right, front and rear zones having bridging capability to connect them into two large cooking zones. The HN6850FR features extra zone edge lighting that comes on when you switch the selected hob zone on. The designer 60cm induction hob also has many other great features including keep warm, melt and simmer functions.

HN9626FR - Four zone induction hob

HN9626FR Four zone induction hob

The HN9626FR is a 90cm linear induction hob. It provides the best in induction cooking and linear styling, working particularly well with our EDD61/91 and 3D9 downdraft extractors. It comes with a touch control panel, 9 power levels, an easy clean surface, residual heat indicators for safety, booster function, pause/restart function to avoid losing cooking settings, safety key lock for piece of mind, timer, and time limit security system to make this both a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment.

HN9850FR - Designer six zone induction hob

HN9850FR Designer six zone induction hob

The designer HN9850FR is a multi-bridging six zone induction hob with matte black zones. The HN9850FR has great features such as keep warm, melt, simmer and pause/restart functions and a timer, semi-automating cooking, which prevents spoiled dishes. The hob has the latest safety equipment for peace of mind along with a safety key lock.

HNE8FR - Indu-Air

HNE8FR Indu-Air

The HNE8FR Indu-Air combines two appliances into one. The Indu-Air features a 4 zone induction hob with bridging technology and a built in, flush fit extractor that will sweep cooking smells, steam and smoke down through the hob and filter it beneath the worktop. Designed to be streamlined, minimalist and modern, this effective solution to the practical requirements surrounding everyday cooking brings technology and style together. This extractor and induction hob duo offer freedom with planning options in the kitchen whilst also featuring front individual slider control, keep warm, simmer and melt functions, booster function on all zones and a pause/restart function.

Induction Hobs

The next frontier in cooking, induction picks up from where gas and electric finish. As responsive as gas, with the clean glass surface of ceramic, induction is also far superior in the energy efficiency stakes. In a nutshell, induction is the fastest, most energy efficient and easiest to clean hob style available at the moment. Not convinced? Please read on…

We have complied a collection of induction hobs for every kitchen situation. From the neat and chic domino model that fits into a 30cm width space and can be combined with other dominos using the joining strip to our triple bridging model at 90cm wide that gives you an almost metre-wide cooking station.

a picture of an induction hob

We have 5 options with 4 induction zones, including the standard 4 fixed zones and our eco model that can be connected to a 32Amp supply and features a uniquely illuminated front edge; this lighting works as a residual heat indicator as well as being a design feature. There is a 4 zone model with the option to bridge the left zones together into a larger, flexi-zone. Click here to read our buying advice centre information on bridging technology, what it is, how is works and why it is beneficial. We also do models that are fully connectable, with 2 or even 3 bridging zones that create dynamic cooking workspaces.

One of the many benefits of induction technology is the additional safety benefits that are included like overflow protection to prevent pans from boiling over and pause/restart functions that give you the freedom to answer the phone, door or deal with the immediate needs of your family at home.

We have also included boost functions to boil stove top kettles and pans of pasta water, quicker than you can say ‘fancy a cup of tea?’ There are also safety key locks to prevent the settings being knocked, built-in timers, overheat protection and automatic pan detection as well as small object detection to prevent you cooking your car keys-for example!

Induction cooking is more energy efficient that other styles so you could also be saving money and the planet when you make the change to induction. If you are concerned about whether your pans will work on this style of hob, simply check the bases using a fridge magnet; if it sticks, they will work fine.


For all of the latest advice, tips and jargon-busting information on induction technology as well as the features in our range, click through to our buying advice centre or frequently asked questions for detailed explanations on all aspects of induction. You can even watch our induction video, right here.

Manufactured using the same Schott© shatterproof safety glass as our ceramic range, these induction hobs are easy to clean, maintain and will stand up to daily use in the kitchen. Take a look at our care guide for hints and tips on how to get the best out of your induction hob as well as how to care and maintain it so that it looks brand new for as long as possible.

Click here to read about how induction works and see whether it could be the next technology move for you.

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