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CDA Buying Advice – Hobs

Which pans should I use?

The pans you are using could have an effect on the performance you get from your hob. Looking out for the right features in a pan set will make your energy go further and even your dinner cook quicker!

Flat bottomed pans are essential on solid plate, ceramic and induction hobs to ensure maximum contact between the heat source and the pan base. This increases heat transfer and, in the case of induction, magnetic connection. Flat bottomed pans are not so essential on gas hob models due to the pan being suspended over the flame on pan supports.

Ferrous metal pans are required if you are purchasing an induction hob. Without a magnetic material, the technology in the hob will not be able to connect to the pan and transfer heat effectively. You can check to see if a pan is made of the right metal by testing the base with a fridge magnet; it will stick if it is made of the right material.

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