Freestanding Tumble Dryers


CI522WH Freestanding tumble dryer

The CI522 is a freestanding dryer with maximum capability. Boasting a 7kg dry lo READ, this vented dryer has a variable drying duration, delicates setting and reversible door for ease of use.... READ LESS...


Freestanding Tumble Dryers

Forget the unpredictable British weather, which makes line-drying a relay of pegging-out and bringing back in. We would all like to live in an English summer where laundry dries perfectly in an hour or two outside and you can put your washing out in the morning, certain that the weather report is reliable…but until that dream becomes a reality choose a tumble dryer to get your laundry dry and ready to use in no time.

Drying clothes inside the house on radiators can cause or exaggerate problems with damp and mould, is bad for your family’s air quality and can leave clothes dry but with a slightly musty smell. In winter a tumble dryer is the ideal solution to drying your whole family’s clothes, towels and bed sheets.

Aside from the issue of the rainy weather we have throughout the winter and beyond, some properties do not have access to the outside, which leaves a problem when it comes to line drying clothes. If you are at work all day, you too may find it difficult to dry clothes outside because, if there are rain showers, you won’t be around to bring the washing in quickly.

Tumble dried clothes can take some of the leg work out of laundry as the warm temperatures melt away creases and, if you take clothes out and fold them quickly, you could dispense with the ironing altogether.

a picture of a freestanding tumble dryer

The long held secret of dog or cat ownership is that a tumble dryer is the only sure-fire way to remove pet hair from your clothes. You can brush or lint roll but a blast in the tumble dryer will remove pet hair quickly and easily. Just make sure that you clear your lint filter regularly.

Anyone with a large household will tell you that children and teenagers seem to have a set of clothes on for no more than a few hours before they are discarded or stained and left either on the floor or stuffed into an already over-full washing machine. To even stand a chance of staying on top of this lot, you are going to need a tumble dryer to get things dry and back in the drawers as soon as possible.

With better energy ratings than ever before, our laundry appliances are efficient and use little energy so you will not have to sacrifice on household efficiency for the sake of the household budget.

They are also temperature adjustable to allow you to care for more delicate items and keep them looking new for longer. We have collected useful information in our tumble dryer tips guide to help you save energy, look after your clothes and get the most from your appliance.

This freestanding model has a 7kg capacity to take care of those bedsheets, shirts and socks in one go.

If you haven’t the space for two separate appliances then don’t worry. We also manufacture a range of washer dryers that helpfully combine the function of washing machine and tumble dryer into one convenient appliance. Take a look at our freestanding washer dryers