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CDA Buying Advice – Steam Ovens

Cooking with steam is becoming ever more popular as TV chefs show us how steaming food retains nutrients, the bright colour of vegetables and keeps that ‘al dente’ texture. Aside from cooking fresh, fat-free vegetables, did you know that a steam-roasted chicken is nothing less than a taste sensation? With crispy skin on the outside and succulent and tender meat on the inside, once you have ‘steamed’ you will never want to go back.

Did you know?

  • Each cook or bake only uses a small amount of water to create the hot steam that cooks and seals your food. The 1L reservoir on our VK702SS holds more than enough water to steam cook your whole meal and slides out easily to be refilled next time you cook.
  • You don’t need to preheat a steam oven. That’s right! Simply place your prepared ingredients inside the oven, set the temperature and timer and off it goes.
  • Our steam oven also features a handy grill. Once your chicken, frittata, pasta bake or pizza is cooked, finish it off with a quick flash browning under the grill for that perfect result.
  • You can even melt chocolate in a steam oven! Break it up into small pieces, place in a Pyrex bowl, cover it up with a layer of cling film to keep moisture in and set your oven for 1 minute at 100°-how easy is that?
CDA Steam Oven

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