CDA compact appliances

CDA Compact Appliances

Build your perfect kitchen by combining models from our compact range. Choose from compact ovens, built-in wine coolers, ‘bean-to-cup’ coffee machines and even a unique beer dispenser. Each model is designed to offer the latest in kitchen appliance technology from steam cooking to flash chilling, making this range smaller in size and big on performance.

Compact Appliances

Building a bank of compact appliances into your kitchen will allow you to fit a range of different cooking functions into a small amount of space. This style is perfect for streamlining your design and keeping worktops free of microwaves and coffee machines for a ‘clutter-free’ look. You can install built-in wine coolers, beer dispensers, microwaves, steam ovens and practical warming drawers in any configuration to suit the way you use your kitchen.

We have designed our compact range to align beautifully and constructed each model in stylish black glass with the highest grade of brushed steel to frame and accent. With push-push, handless designs in our warming drawer range you can create the exact look you want by combining the appliances that will best suit your lifestyle and the design that looks right to you.

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Whether you are a serious coffee connoisseur, prioritise healthy eating, need space-savvy and clutter free design or love entertaining we have a range of compact appliances that will allow you to select and combine the perfect options to suit your home.


Cooking with steam is becoming ever more popular as TV chefs show us how steaming food retains nutrients, the bright colour of vegetables and keeps that ‘al dente’ texture. Aside from cooking fresh, fat-free vegetables, did you know that a steam-roasted chicken is nothing less than a taste sensation? With crispy skin on the outside and succulent and tender meat on the inside, once you have ‘steamed’ you will never want to go back.



There is nothing better than a crisp, chilled and freshly poured pint of lager or bitter on a hot summer’s day, or when you have friends round. The BVB4SS delivers pint after perfect pint with professional features like a flash chiller and easy to clean drip tray.

Warming Drawers

More than simply to warm plates, our range of warming drawers can be used to keep food at serving temperature, prove bread dough, make ‘sun’-dried tomatoes or even create homemade ‘live’ yoghurts. For such a compact appliance, which integrates discreetly underneath another compact or single oven, warming drawers have numerous features that you will find indispensable in the kitchen.

Grilling tips:

British cooks have always loved a separate grill, making the VW601 grill drawer a real star buy. The drawer will integrate neatly below a CDA oven. It has variable temperature control, a 30 minute timer, soft close on smooth runners, a cooling fan and a removable grill tray.

  • Grilling is universally recognised as a healthier option to frying food. By using the temperature control on the grill drawer, most fried foods can be prepared under the grill.
  • Do not put aluminium foil under the grill. The foil reflects the element heat, resulting in the thermostatic control becoming ineffective and liable to overheat; which could cause damage to the grill.
  • The removable drawer allows for easy access when cleaning the SVG140SS. Wash in warm soapy water and avoid using abrasive cleaners that may scratch the surface.

Need Advice?

Need to know more about CDA warming drawers? Or maybe the beer dispenser catches your eye?

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