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Here at CDA we invest in our staff. We understand that to be the best brand we can possibly be, we need the best people on board.

With an onsite gym, healthcare and pension benefits there are excellent rewards to working as part of our team. We also regularly offer relevant training and development support to help each individual reach their full potential.


Our delivery team is key to our success, our ability to turn around products to the retail sector keeps us one step ahead of the game.


The Warehouse is the focal point of CDA distribution. Managing a space of 190000 square feet packed with world class products our warehousing team work round the clock to ensure our deliveries leave site on time and just as our customers expect. With over 70000 items a month passing through the building we rely on quality planning and great training to deliver a smooth and efficient service.

Our team of operatives are skilled in all aspects of warehousing and distribution. From hand picking small box items, clamping large fridge freezers right through to complex racking storage systems the warehouse team offer complete flexibility to deliver the service our demanding distribution service requires.


Our Transport team are all about delivering the goods. Our scheduling team work tirelessly with our own specialist fleet and first class contractors to deliver our customers exactly what they want when and where they need it. Our drivers are trained to the highest standard and use the latest route planning technology to ensure every item we deliver is on time and in the perfect condition you would expect from a CDA product.

Our expertise in transport backed up with CPC qualified managers and a long standing team with all the experience necessary to face the challenges of 24 hour distribution.


The Parts Supply team service both our internal and external customers. They manage the supply chain from our factories and distribute parts to end users as well as making sure our fleet of highly trained engineers have always got full availability of parts in their vans, ensuring that our customers don’t face any unnecessary delays in getting their items repaired. They work closely with our Aftercare, Quality and Supply Chain colleagues to deliver high service levels across more than 10000 parts.


Our Rework team manage and support the critical returns part of the business. When a customer doesn’t get exactly what they need in a CDA item the rework team are on hand to repair, re-box or simply clean and tidy to ensure every CDA gets to return its maximum value. We don’t throw anything away in this department, everything can be stripped or fixed to make sure we extract every bit of value we can from our stock.


Appliance Service Engineers cover the whole of the UK and Ireland providing service, repair and installation of the full range of kitchen appliances in our customers’ homes.

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