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CDA Careers

Here at CDA we invest in our staff. We understand that to be the best brand we can possibly be, we need the best people on board.

With an onsite gym, healthcare and pension benefits there are excellent rewards to working as part of our team. We also regularly offer relevant training and development support to help each individual reach their full potential.

Our Recruitment Process

Upon applying for a vacancy your CV will be screened by a member of our HR team. If your skills and experience fit what we are looking for in the role then we will contact you and conduct a “telephone screen” (short telephone interview).

You will be contacted by email within five working days if your skills and experience don’t meet what we are looking for on that occasion and in relation to that vacancy.

Telephone screen

telephone callInstead of inviting a large army of candidates to battle it out in the interview room the first stage of our process is to conduct a telephone screen. This is your first opportunity to talk to us and we will just go over some straightforward questions to get to know a little bit more about you and to help us bring to life aspects of your CV. First impressions count so be prepared!

Face-to-face interview/Competency based interviews

The next stage of the recruitment process is a face-to-face interview. This is normally with the hiring manager or a member of their management team, and somebody from HR may also be present. The name and job role of the person conducting the interview will be confirmed to you before your interview.

In our face-to-face interviews we like to talk through your previous work history, why you are interested in the role and what skills and experience you can bring to the position. We will talk through the role in more detail and our expectations of the successful candidate. It will also give you an opportunity to ask the interviewers any questions about the role, the department, or the company.

We also like to understand your work related skills and abilities so you will be asked questions which you will need to make use of examples to answer. These questions may be similar to “Describe a situation in which you led a team” or “When did you work the hardest and feel the greatest sense of achievement?”

After the first stage interview the hiring manager may conduct a second face-to-face/competency based interview to answer any further questions they may have following the first stage interviews.


The group exercise

group interviewWhen recruiting to some (but not all) roles, a group exercise may be used as the next stage. Several candidates may be present at this type of interview and be observed by interviewers from the business. You will be asked to interact with each other, usually by having a group discussion about a relevant topic. You may even be given a task to do as a team. It will be your chance to speak up and give your thoughts and opinions.


Other types of interviews for certain roles

Some of our roles will require you to present to the Manager or undertake an assessment. You will be informed of the type of presentation or assessment and the content prior to your interview. (These are used predominantly for sales management and driving roles).

What are the benefits of working for CDA?

We offer the following benefits to our staff...

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Upon applying for a vacancy your CV will be screened by a member of our HR team...

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