Ceiling Extractors


EVX90SS 90cm ceiling extractor

The EVX90SS ceiling extractor will give your kitchen a minimalist and stylish lo READ MORE...ok whilst allowing you to make the most of your kitchen space. By being installed in the ceiling, you are left with free space above your hob and discreet, yet powerful extraction above. It comes with many features such as a timer function, aluminium grease filters, 2 LED lights for clear illumination and an intensive setting for when extra extraction is required.... READ LESS...


EVS90BL Ceiling extractor

The EVS90BL is a beautifully designed 90cm ceiling extractor with star effect. T READ MORE...his extractor comes with an external motor which can not only reduce noise level but by being installed in the ceiling this eye catching extractor will allow you flexibility to make the most out of your kitchen space. Along with its ultra-modern design it also boasts a timer function, 2 speeds + 2 intensive and 20 micro LED lights which are all controlled by remote. ... READ LESS...


Ceiling Cooker Hoods

Up and out of the way, ceiling extractors work to recirculate clean, filtered air back into the kitchen when you are cooking. The ceiling extractor range offers real statement style with our sleek designs. Our ceiling cooker hoods are absolutely perfect for kitchens with a modern and minimalist style or for those who love great design.

The EVS90BL fits flush to the ceiling for an uninterrupted, open-plan effect in the kitchen. It offers powerful performance and the option to duct outside. Ideal for the home where an uninterrupted view around the kitchen living space will highlight the design features in your home, a celling extractor can make up part of a functional yet unobtrusive kitchen styling. The star lighting is bright enough to illuminate the cooking area and beyond and the extractor itself is packed with practical features that will help it to become an essential element of your home.

There are specialist features in this range that go beyond basic steam, grease and odour filtration and extraction. Timers are useful to avoid having to get up halfway through dinner, if you have left the extractor on to finish cleaning the air after cooking. Adjustable extraction speeds allow you to monitor and respond to the exact requirements of your cooking at that precise moment. A clean air function promotes a healthy living environment by periodically clearing and filtering pollutants from your living space to leave clean air to breathe for your family.

Removable charcoal filters are available for the range to quickly and easily install in your extractor. Simply telephone our Head Office to purchase them and we will happily send you out a set to refresh and restore your cooker hood’s efficiency. We recommend, based on an average household’s usage, that you change your charcoal filters every 6 months for maximum effectiveness. If you use your cooker very little or are really enthusiastic about hob top cooking then you may need to adjust your frequency accordingly.

If you are wondering how on earth you will operate and control this style of extractor, don’t worry because we have already thought of that. We have included remote controls for our ceiling range for easy control and adjustment. They are easy to use and allow you to turn up or down the speed of your cooker hood, turn on the lights or even select one of the specialist functions from anywhere in your kitchen.

For more information on what size, style and type of extractor will best suit your home, visit our buying guide to explore the options available and find your perfect cooker hood.