New CDA cooking range

CDA are proud to introduce our new range of single ovens and aesthetic changes throughout the cooking range, including our new coffee machine and compact appliances. Due October 2020 this new range will be available at your local kitchen studio or national retailer.

Looking great for a fresh new kitchen

Transform your kitchen with our excellent range of single ovens, aimed at getting perfect results every time

In the new range:

SL670SS: Steam Oven

Keep all the goodness in your vegetables and give your bread a superb crust with the new SL670SS.

Pyrolytic Ovens

Turn cleaning your oven into a small job rather than a horrible chore with our new selection of pyrolytic ovens.


Compact Ovens

Add to your kitchen capability, see what a compact oven with matching warming drawer can do for you.

Coffee Machines

Wake up your day with the perfect coffee now featuring our “Procino” automatic latte setting, just add milk to the jug.

Stunning looks in any kitchen

Designed for perfection no matter the style of your kitchen, creating incredible results.

Some stand out features within the new range…

Single Oven Features

Our new cooking range available through October and November 2020 will incorporate lots of new features, here’s a preview of the single oven offering:

  • Huge capacity across the range at 77 litres
  • A huge grill rack and tray – 1527cm squared
  • Telescopics as standard
  • Rapid preheat in under 5 minutes
  • 3 touch start
  • Ergonomic rotary or touch control
  • 6 shelf positions
  • Soft close door
  • Steam cooking
  • Pyrolytic cleaning


Compact Features

Never underestimate a compact appliance! They are packed full of handy features to make your life easier in the kitchen. Our new coffee machine even makes the latte or cappuccino for you, just fill the jug and let the machine do the rest. Here’s what to expect in our new range of compact appliances:

  • Automatic coffee machine with “Procino” automatic latte or cappuccino maker
  • Steam oven with grill
  • Combination grill and microwave
  • New intuitive touch screen
  • New aesthetics to match the new oven range
  • Matching warming drawer