Warming Drawers


VW143SS 14cm warming drawer

The CDA VW143SS 14cm warming drawer is the perfect partner for a CDA oven, coffe READ MORE...e machine or a compact combination microwave oven. The appliance lets you heat to the right temperature, or keep food warm and ready for serving. ... READ LESS...


VW153SS Push-push warming drawer

The VW153SS is a push-push handle-less warming drawer. The VW153SS offers 6 plac READ MORE...e settings and a variable temperature control. It completely integrates into your kitchen, for seamless looks and perfect functionality.... READ LESS...


VW152SS Push-push warming drawer

The VW152SS is a push-push handle-less warming drawer. The VW152SS offers 6 plac READ MORE...e settings and a variable temperature control. It completely integrates into your kitchen, for seamless looks and perfect functionality.... READ LESS...


Warming Drawers from CDA

Typically, warming drawers are fitted underneath your oven and have a number of handy uses. Warming drawers can be heated and kept at a low temperature to keep cooked food warm and help retain moisture, keeping it fresher for longer. It can even warm tableware and prove dough. 

Once you’ve explored the capabilities of a warming drawer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

Warming Drawers for Every Style of Kitchen

The CDA warming drawer range includes two slimline warming drawer models – one that features a brushed steel trim and push-push function for that ultra-sleek look, and one with an ergonomically designed steel handle to match. They slide out on smooth runners and feature a practical non-slip mat to prevent plates from sliding about. 

The VW142 warming drawer is a compact 14cm, making it perfect for smaller kitchens whereas our VW152 warming drawer is great for bigger meals and families. Both have streamlined designs that will neatly fit into any style of kitchen. Warming drawers look great when installed beneath a compact oven or a 60cm built-in single oven.

The handless warming drawer option is particularly popular in kitchens with a modern vibe. Our handless warming drawer utilises a push-push action, so until you open it, it’s completely flush with your cabinets. This is especially welcome in busy families with curious children as the warming drawer can’t be opened by accident. 

Both of our warming drawers models are thermostatically controlled with heat indicator lights for user safety, even with the absence of a control panel.

a picture of a warming drawer
a picture of a warming drawer

What are warming drawers used for?

As well as giving you many options for cooking and making bread much easier to bake, there are plenty of additional features to warming drawers. 

Warming drawers are perfect for busy families as you can use your warming drawer to keep meals warm. Running late? They’ll keep your meal at its best, ready for you to tuck in to when you make it back from a long day at work. Even if everyone is home on time, many people love to pop their plates in the warming drawer – helping to keep your food warmer for longer during dinner. Plus, it gives a professional restaurant feel to any weekday meal. 

If you love to host, you’ll find warming drawers are the ultimate party assistant. Warming drawers can take a lot of stress out of serving as you can keep parts of your meal, or canapes, warm so your food always tastes and looks like it’s straight out of the oven. 

Warming drawer vs proving drawer – is there a difference?

No, a warming drawer and proving drawer are the same kitchen appliance and work in the same way. You will often hear a warming drawer being called a ‘proving drawer’ by enthusiastic bread bakers. A warming drawer’s temperature makes it the perfect space to help your dough rise in a warm, controlled environment.

Of course, using your warming drawer to prove bread is just one of the many uses of a warming drawer as we mentioned above. 

You can even cook with warming drawers!

There are far more uses for a warming drawer than most people realise. Did you know you can use a warming drawer to create sun-dried style tomatoes and even your very own yoghurt as a healthy treat for the entire family? 

You could even make homemade ‘fruit roll-ups or leathers’, great for children’s lunches and adults. You simply dry out the fruit paste by placing it on a baking tray in your warming drawer. 

Once you’ve tried a warming drawer, you’ll always look for it to help you out in the kitchen.

How hot do warming drawers get?

All CDA warming drawers have adjustable settings between 40-80 degrees celsius. This means you can adjust the temperature setting to what’s right for you and your needs. 

How to choose between a warming drawer vs a microwave? 

Microwaves and warming drawers have very different purposes but in a smaller kitchen, it can often be a choice between which appliance will be used the most in your home. 

At CDA we appreciate the need to make the most of your space, but maybe you don’t have to choose one or the other. This is why we’ve created the compact appliance range, which includes our compact ovens with microwave integrations. All CDA warming drawers are designed to fit perfectly underneath our combi microwave ovens, so you don’t have to miss out on any great features.

Where can I buy a CDA warming drawer?

Whether you prefer to buy your warming drawer online or visit a shop in person, we have reputable retailers across the whole of the UK, so there’s always an approved CDA specialist near you.

At CDA, we only work with retailers that are as passionate about the brand as we are, so you can be assured of an excellent customer experience. To make it easy for you to find your nearest CDA approved retailer, you can visit our where to buy page. 

Have a question about CDA warming drawers?

If you have any general questions, you can either call our sales team or fill in our general enquiry form via our contact us page. If you have any customer care requirements for a warming drawer you’ve already purchased, please get in touch with the CDA customer care team, who’ll be happy to help with your query.