VK903BL Coming soon - Compact combination oven

The VK903BL is a compact combi-microwave with a sleek black glass finish, makin READ MORE...g this a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. The combi-microwave has 9 functions, full touch control, safety key lock and stainless steel interior... READ LESS...


VK903SS Compact combination oven, microwave and grill

The VK903SS is a compact combination fan oven, microwave and grill with a sleek READ MORE...black glass and stainless steel finish, making this a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. This compact appliance has 9 functions, full touch control, safety key lock and a stainless steel interior.... READ LESS...


VK702SS Compact steam oven and grill

The VK702SS compact oven is a stylish black glass and stainless steel design, wh READ MORE...ich offers both steam and grill function. The gentle process of steam cooking preserves vitamins and minerals, whilst maintaining the shape and texture of your food and being better for you too. ... READ LESS...


VK902SS Compact combination microwave, grill and fan oven

The VK902SS is a compact combi-microwave with a sleek black glass and stainless READ MORE...steel finish, making this a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. The combi-microwave has 9 functions, full touch control, safety key lock and stainless steel interior... READ LESS...


Compact ovens to make the most of your space

Compact ovens (sometimes know as combi microwave ovens) provide you with flexible, space-saving cooking that still packs a punch. CDA’s range of compact ovens are the perfect solution for smaller homes and can even be the perfect solution for kitting out a caravan or campervan.

A small oven doesn’t mean you’re going to be faced with a limited choice when it comes to cooking either. The stylish VK702 is a compact steam oven that allows you to create healthy dishes with no extra hassle. It even has a built-in grill so you can still brown and crisp food – perfect for lasagnes and chargrilled vegetables.

We also offer a range of combination compact ovens with integrated microwave features, like the VK902. This stylish model only takes up 45cm but has combined oven, grill and microwave properties so you can cook any style of dish. 

Our compact range can even be combined with our other compact appliances, like a compact coffee machine or warming drawer, to create your own bespoke kitchen that fits your size, design requirements and lifestyle. There’s no better way to keep your kitchen sleek and streamlined.

Finding the best compact oven for your kitchen

When choosing a compact oven, it’s important to think about what you need most in your kitchen. Keep a note of how you use your kitchen before you choose a new compact oven. 

  • Which appliances do you use the most often?
  • Which appliances take up the most space in your kitchen?
  • Are there functions you constantly wish your appliances had?
This is a great way to make additional space in your kitchen and really focus on what your needs are. You may find that a compact oven with a built-in microwave will serve all of your needs. CDA customers often find that in the long run, compact appliances actually save time, space and money.

a picture of a compact oven

What is a compact steam oven?

A steam oven heats water to produce steam. This method of cooking helps food retain moisture to ensure a succulent meal every time. The compact steam oven is perfect for performing all the usual tasks of a built-in oven, but has a healthier edge as it locks in vitamins and nutrients that can be lost through conventional cooking. 

A built-in compact steam oven can help you care for yourself and your family. There’s less need for fats and sugars and you can create a healthier but just as tasty meal.

The VK702 compact steam oven is compact, streamlined and finished in glossy black and steel. The removable reservoir makes it easy to top up water before a cooking session and empty afterwards. This also gives you flexible installation options as the unit does not need to be plumbed in. With a combined grill, this compact steam oven can also brown or grill food for a crisp finish. 

What is a compact oven with an integrated microwave?

Many people looking for a small oven are doing so to try and make the most of their space. That’s why a compact oven with an integrated microwave can be so appealing as it does the work of two appliances whilst only taking up the space of one. A compact oven with an integrated microwave has the main features of both an oven and microwave so you can reheat, bake and grill in a single appliance. 

The VK902 compact oven combines microwave cooking with a built-in grill and fan oven. It comprises nine different cooking functions to take your dish from frozen to piping hot with simple control. The combination microwave oven features a beautifully designed blue LED control panel. Safety features like a lock and triple glazing will also keep your family safe.

A compact oven for every style of kitchen

All of our compact oven models look fantastic over a warming drawer which gives you even more flexibility when cooking. Warming drawers are especially useful for small ovens that have limited capacity as you can keep part of your meal warm whilst you heat the rest. You can choose from handled or handleless warming drawer designs, depending on what fits your kitchen. 

Are compact ovens good in larger kitchens?

Compact ovens are generally associated with smaller kitchens but they’re really for anyone who wants to make the most of their space. Compact ovens save space and cook efficiently with both fan-assisted and steam small ovens so you don’t have to limit your cooking just because you’ve decided to downsize. 

One of the biggest advantages of a compact oven in larger kitchens is the counter space that can be saved, especially with our combination small ovens which combine steaming, ovens, grills and microwaves into a singular appliance. This additional space is especially useful for enthusiastic home chefs!

Are there limitations on what can be cooked in a compact oven?

One of the most common questions around compact ovens is if they’re as powerful as conventional ovens. People often want to know things like can you bake a cake in a compact oven? Can you cook a Sunday roast for the family? 

The main limitations that compact ovens have compared to traditional larger ovens is their physical capacity. Besides that, they are just as powerful and you’re unlikely to find any difference in their efficiency. 

In fact, small ovens are a more environmentally friendly option. As they’re smaller, they use far less energy to heat up – perfect for those looking to make greener choices.

Where can I buy a CDA combi oven?

Whether you prefer to buy your compact oven online or visit a shop in person, we have reputable retailers across the whole of the UK, so there’s always a CDA specialist near you.

At CDA, we only work with retailers we trust so you can be assured of an excellent customer experience. To make it easy for you to find your nearest CDA approved retailer, you can visit our where to buy page.

Have a question about CDA compact ovens?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us in a number of ways. If you’ve already purchased a CDA compact oven, our customer care team is on hand to help. For any general enquiries, you can get in touch via the contact us page.