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Refrigerators from CDA

Refrigeration is an important part of your kitchen. Refrigeration appliances are vital for keeping food fresh and preserved. Packed with features, the CDA cooling range has something to suit every kitchen. All our fridges and freezers are designed with food care and safe storage in mind.

Arguably, the most important part of your kitchen is your food storage; that’s why we’ve put technology at the forefront of our products. The modern home requires convenience and innovation and so we’ve coupled this with CDA style and our trusted quality testing to offer products that will work hard for you and fit into your lifestyle.


Fridges and Freezers

We manufacture a huge range of fridges, freezers and fridge freezers. Our freestanding fridges and freezers are popular due to their sleek and simple design. They also boast high energy efficiency ratings and large storage capacities. We also have a range of integrated fridges. Opt for under-counter size or full-size larder fridges and freezers. Integrated fridges are concealed to provide an uninterrupted look in your kitchen. With our larger models you can get the look without compromising on fresh and frozen storage space.
To find out what size fridge you need, take a look at our refrigeration capacity guide. Fridge and freezer space is converted into a visual guide to help you calculate how big an appliance you need to go for to cope with your weekly shopping requirements. We have full height models to provide floor to ceiling storage and under counter appliances that hide away behind cabinet doors and hold enough food and drinks for households who shop more regularly. The internal shelves and door balconies are adjustable in many of our models so that you can change the interior storage features around to suit your shopping style.

Extra refrigeration features

Look out for the extra fresh features like humidity controlled drawers, salad crisper drawers and egg trays included across the range; providing specialist food storage for longer term freshness. All our models are temperature adjustable so that you can create the ideal temperature environment to keep your shopping crisp, fresh and ready to eat. For the best food storage results, there is a correct way to load your fridge. Take a look at our refrigeration organisation tips to discover how to make the most of your storage space and keep food fresh and safe to eat, for as long as possible. We guarantee excellent energy efficiency rates, technologically advanced features and stylish design throughout the range.

Need Refrigeration Advice?

The world of refrigeration has expanded greatly in the UK over the last decade including the introduction new technology and innovative storage features. As consumers we have a wide variety of refrigeration to choose from So if you want to know your capacities from your features then check out our refrigeration advice pages