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For complete peace of mind this appliance is covered by 5 years parts.

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TH100CH 3-in-1 instant hot water tap

The TH100 is a 3 in 1 instant hot water tap in chrome. Make hot drinks instantly and speed up cooking with this useful kitchen tool.



  • Flow rate: 1.4-1.9L/min flow rate
  • Non-pressurised tank for increased reliability
  • Electronic display on tank
  • Rapid 10 minutes initial heat up from cold supply
  • Heating system: Unique heating system, allows several cups of 98°C water to be dispensed
  • 2.4L tank
  • Filter included
  • Rotation of spout: 170°
  • Honeycomb Bi-flow Aerator
  • Minimum pressure: 1Bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5Bar
  • Recommended maximum water temperature: °C
  • Diameter of cutout required: 35mm

Available in

  • Chrome


  • Supplied with flexible tail pipes

Fitting Notes

  • Please ensure that your supply pressure is adequate.

Misc Information

  • WEEE Category:

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